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Community Released Maps - Updated 3 Oct 2010
« on: February 21, 2010, 04:20:20 PM »
Instructions:  Download the map file located below the image for each map.  Create a folder in the Game/Levels/Multiplayer/SA category in your MWLL Beta directory, rename the folder to the EXACT name of the map desired.  The map folder name must exactly mirror the name of the XML file that has the name of the map on it in the folder in order for it to work in game.

If there are any additions, changes, or problems with information in this thread, send me a PM with the details.

SA Paradise: Map by Spyro, special thanks to Sannyassi and Rolke for help and additions

SA_Paradise is a Tropical Island themed map with 2 volcanoes and mountains dominating the skyline.  Here players will find  dense groups of forests and rolling hills as the environment.  A crashed Union dropship serves as the center of the map and a strategic location to hold.

version: 1.0

forum link:,8069.0.html


SA_Palisades:  Map by Salvatoris:  Set along along a river in an arid canyon area,  the palisades arena simulates a classic border flash-point between two remote, but well equipped outposts.  High bluffs and mesas make for tactically interesting terrain as the two forces battle for control of this resource rich area.  A sheer cliff limits access to the center of the map, and forces the battle to flow in various, and often unexpected directions.

version: 1.0

forum link:,7618.0.html


Star League Cache Map by Wilson:  The premise of this map, is that it is the first in a 2-part series of maps, designed to be played one after the other. This will eventually become primarily a Terrain Control map, though I'll make sure the Team Solaris and Test of Strength modes etc. remain playable on it(hopefully ;)  ). The main objective of the map will be to gain control of and hold onto the entrance and surrounding areas of the Star League Cache(which was constructed inside/beneath/around a mountain. This map is itself set on the island containing the mountain that the Star League built the cache into, though play is restricted to the areas directly surrounding the centre of the island and away from the coasts. The main play areas are lightly forrested valleys, swampy marshland, and semi-overgrown industrial complexes, with concreted roads directly connecting the IS and Clan bases. There are multiple pathways around the playable areas of the map, the whole thing is fairly open, though alot of cover exists if it's needed. Each side, Clan and Inner Sphere have 2 bases, one with a Mechhanger and VTOL pads and one with just a Mechhanger. The single mechhanger bases are much smaller and meant to represent "outposts" of the main landing forces.

forum link:,10471.0.html


SA_Desolation: Map by Salvatoris: Located near the edge of Ghost Bear controlled space, the site of a spent ilmenite mine has been converted to an extreme cold-weather training facility.  Known as the Desolation Sub-Arctic Proving Grounds, the site is used for all manner of live-fire drills and competitions.  The site also hosts a large arena for the various clan rites and rituals requiring a circle of equals.  Trials of position, possession, refusal, grievance and bloodname have all found  deadly resolution in the hulking facility reverently referred to as 'the Dome'.

It's chilly out there. You might want to pack a sweater, MASC and some energy weapons. ;)

A message from Salvatoris
Special thanks to all the active members of the map builders pub crawl, and to everyone who helped me test the maps.   Extra special thanks to all the servers who host user maps.  Ask for these maps on your favorite server!

version: 1.0

forum link:,7711.msg107191.html#msg107191


SA_ArcDuel: Map by (TLL) Sky_Walker: Circle of Equals, located on one of the magma lakes of planet Hellgate, is one of the most extreme locations that Trials of Combat were fought. With temperatures above 250 degrees in the coldest place and over 200 meter cliffs, the Arc Duel is a place where a single mistake can cost a life...

version: 0.1 (Beta)

forum link:,8968.0.html

SA_Refinery: Map by Pytak: City test map.  This is a proof of concept, there are bugs, floating objects, and clipping issues that are known.

version: .0.1

forum link:,9084.0.html


SA_Crater: Map by Teafour: A crater in a desert that has been adopted as a Solaris Arena. 

version: .0.1

forum link:,9090.0.html


SA_Glacier_OceanFront: Map by Teafour: Scenario is based on two fleets fighting in space until one of the dropships took enough damage that it has to make a landing for repairs. They land on an icy planet and end up on the edge of a melting glacier area overlooking the ocean. The enemy fleet follows them and lands deeper inland committed on finishing the job groundside rather than let them escape.

version: 0.1.7

forum link:,8128.0.html


SA_Poseidon: Map by Pentence

A work in progress.  Map description goes here...Pentence please message me with what you want

Message by Pentence: This version need only be draged into your CRYTEK folder. Then when prompted to overwrite/merge click yes to all. It will instal both the texture files and the level in the correct locations.

version: 0.6.5

forum link:,8800.0.html
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