Author Topic: x64 bit vista problem  (Read 797 times)

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x64 bit vista problem
« on: December 30, 2009, 04:28:21 AM »
Okay, I been playing mwll x32 bit version all day under my steam account copy.  However, iI am running vista ultimate x64 bit, so I decided to bring out my old crysis dvd and get mwll installed under it.  So I could play under x64 bit version. 

I got everything installed, I had a problem with extracting straight my file, so I just copied and  pasted.  Than I updated and went to start mwll.  It starts to boot, but when it gets to were opening scene starts, my cpu just idle down, and it never gets past the black screen part.  After about 5 mins of waiting, I just escape out of it.  An it tells me crysis has crashed.

Any ideas?

I think im missing a leg...