Author Topic: spectator mode and software crashes  (Read 698 times)

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spectator mode and software crashes
« on: December 29, 2009, 03:17:45 AM »
speak slowly and make no assumptions....... I'm a noob with children to vouch for me.  ;D

All of the patches are installed in the correct order and Crysis runs fine. The MWLL mod is installed per Inous's  The "Ultimate" Beta Tips & Installation Guide from the General Discussion board.

  MWLL crashed with vid card driver problems every time I tried to load it. (newly installed Geforce GT220 with 1gb ddr2, updated drivers) I disabled my Kaspersky antivirus and MWLL worked once and only in spectator mode. ?!?!? I had no option to play just spectate. It was like dry humping watching the game.

  The second time I tried to run MWLL with Kaspersky antivirus disabled it crashed with same vid card driver issues as before. Again I tried Inous's  The "Ultimate" Beta Tips & Installation Guide -Crashes-  section and deleted the shaders directory and the "My Documents\My Games\Crysis" directory and the game worked fine. Problem is that I am still stuck in spectator mode. Every time I boot the mod I have to delete both directories or the mod will crash. Every time I am stuck in spectator mode. I have witnessed some awesome games.  :'( .
   Anybody have any ideas?
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