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Standard BUG Report Format (Read Me Before Posting BUG's)
« on: December 28, 2009, 12:09:48 AM »
Below is an example of what a BUG report may contain.

Revision Number (found in the root of your mwll folder in MWLL-Revision.txt) - Bug (Be specific and short), e.g.;
r15536 - Flamer Crashes Client

Map: Map name (Only state this, if it is directly Map related)
Asset: If it is Asset related (e.g. Flamer)
Issue: Anything else.

Formal description of the BUG. State what you did or what happened during the incident. Be brief and concise, and please make sure that it is readable.

Repro Steps: (If possible write down all steps leading to the BUG itself.) ex.: Flamer Crashes Client
1. Player 1 Purchases a Flamer
2. Player 2 positions himself in front of the Flamer.
3. Player 1 shots Flamer at Player 2.
4. Player 2 CTD.

Repro: 5/5 (How many times were you able to repro the BUG)

Severity: 1-5 (Where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest)

Addendum: This is optional and not required unless the Beta tester wishes to elaborate specific elements directly concerning the BUG or incident.

NB: (For Administrators and Moderators only) Terminology used when marking a BUG Report;
*DUPLICATE* A Report already exists on the issue reported!
*KNOWN ISSUE* Simply means that the issue is known to the team and a ticket exists on the issue!
*REPORTED* A new Ticket have been created on the BUG Report submitted!
*INVALID* Issue reported is not a BUG!
*BACKLOGGED* Will not happen soon or never happen!
*WILL NOT FIX* Not really a bug or something we can't fix!

[Edit: 2013-01-27 - Corrected revision number to r15536 that is the current Beta 0.7.1]
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