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The Rage of War
« on: January 25, 2009, 12:15:08 AM »
This is a war story written by Sven "Bitkiller" Fricke in 1997. It is  based on a desperate, adrenaline charged C1 encounter with
Honorable warriors of Clan Diamond Shark. Clan Burrock prevailed this time but really this is only one tale........

The Rage of War (a novel based on what I have seen....) by Sven "Bitkiller" Fricke

Smoke and wreckage was all that remained of the defeated Diamond Sharks. Nova Commander BlueOrb still managed to keep his Timberwolf upright, but it was not as easy as it had been when he had left the Mechbay to fight the intruders off once more. For 2 weeks this fighting had taken place, but now it seemed to have come to an abrupt ending. Hell, how should it be easy to move a Mech that lost the left arm, most armor on the left side and the right foot? Well, the foot might be recovered from the wreckage - it could clearly be seen sticking out of the Cockpit of a Diamond Shark Gargoyle, whose pilot had not made it to get out of his cockpit in time to avoid BlueOrbs Death-From-Above attack. After all, thought BlueOrb, I am still able to pilot my Mech back - not like some others....

He looked left, where a Mech sat leaned against the remaining wall of a destroyed building. Only years of being a veteran enabled BlueOrb to recognize this pile of half melted metal as a Rifleman class Mech. Poor old Bittie..... hope he will be alive to run back to the Den, BlueOrb murmured into his lonely cockpit. With a lot of crackling, the radio came to life. "You should not talk like that with all channels open, mighty Nova Commander", "Bit"! "Aff, its me.... well, at least the rest of me that remains.... hehe....after you took this Timbie apart that was playing with me..." It always sounded a little strange to hear Star Captain Bitkiller talking in his heavily accented German voice. Also, he usually didnt miss the chance for the wrong remark at the wrong time. Star Captain, do you need help? BlueOrb almost shouted into his neurohelmet due to the strange sounding voice of his fellow Warrior and..... something like a friend, as far as that was possible in the Clans. You do not sound like being in an all perfect state.... Mmmpf...durg.... ah that was only my ham sandwich I found here in the cockpit. Funny, all here is kind of aaaahhh...what is the know, destroyed, but my sandwich looked and tasted just fresh....well, a little toasted maybe.... I only hope the heat sink with the bottles in it is still intact. I could never forgive the Sharks hindering my Clan Wine to ripen...

BlueOrb once more looked at the Rifleman, that was sitting there like a drunken man, leaned against his back - except for the fact that a drunken man normally still has arms - and not one of his legs shot off.... Through the opening cockpit hatch of the wreck he saw Bitkiller waving.

Was it all worth this? Couldnt we have taken a different dustball and prevent so many things..... BlueOrb shook his head. After all, it was not without sense what had happen here.... it was a question of honoring the Clan and its Khan Zig_Zag, of keeping future opportunities, of keeping the chance to become part of the Clan that would make it first to -


Tinaca was the Burrocks again.... but for how long would it remain so silent, just as it seemed right for a graveyard of so many Warriors?

“The wise man lets many things pass without being duped.”