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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #30 on: December 01, 2008, 07:52:08 PM »
I just hope there's no limit for infantry...

Part One of the Commando Raid scenario I came up with:

Scenario:  Loaded Trojan
Factions:  Draconis Combine vs Clan Smoke Jaguar
Planet:  [shall add later]
Year: 3057


Ever since the Truce of Tukkayid, the Draconis Combine and the Smoke Jaguars have busied themselves with harassing raids and maneuvers designed to harm the other side without violating the cease fire.  So far the Combine has been successful in preventing the Smoke Jaguars from making a strong recovery from the decisive battle, but the threat of this aggressive clan still causes fear among the nation.

Recent intel has trickled in that [planet], a former Combine world now occupied by the Jaguars, was home to a hidden Brian Cache dating back to the Star League.  Long thought of as a myth, a recent discovery has roughly pinpointed its location.  Unfortunately the clan’s Watch shortly learned of it thereafter and after a fierce battle with DEST Commandos, escaped and reported the data back to the clans.

Theodore Kurita has given the DEST Commando team a chance to redeem their honor by conducting a raid to secure the Brian Cache and secure whatever treasures it contains before Smoke Jaguar forces can do the same.  The only thing going for them is the Jaguar’s arrogance and disdain for the ‘cowardly’ antics of the Clan’s spying program.  Not to mention the chance of recovering something they hold as sacred might be tempting to make an exception to this policy.  But all of this speculation is mute if they fail to fall for the Union Dropship as civilian transport guise.

Objectives:  Primary)  Secure Aerospace Port
                 Primary)  Escort Convoy through [city]
                 Secondary)  Destroy [City’s]  Elemental Headquarters

Combine Forces:  Eight Battlesuits,  Fourteen vehicles,  One Dropship
                 DEST Commandos:  Two lances Longius Battlesuits
                 Support Lance:  Four Harassers
                 Convoy:  One Swiftland,  Two APC’s
                 Resistance Group:  Seven Mach Trucks
Smoke Jaguar Forces:  Five Battlemechs,  Twenty-five Battlesuits,  Eight Turrets,  One Dropship
                 Aerospace Port:  Two Kitfoxes,  Ten Elementals,  Eight Turrets,  One Dropship
                 [City] Defense:  One Cougar,  One Puma,  One Hunchback IIC,  Fifteen Elementals

Terrain:       A large walled Aerospace Port: mostly open save for Dropships and some support buildings
                 Outside of Aerospace Port is a large city (every single one of the 30 building maximum) with plenty of alleys
                 Past city is a plain with sporadic trees.

Combine Deployment:  DEST Commandos:  Dropship bay ramp
                 Vehicles:  Dropship bay
                 Dropship:  In air, a minute from landing
                 Mach Trucks:  Various throughout [City]
Smoke Jaguar Deployment:  Elemental Port Guard:  scattered throughout the port in pairs
                 Mech Port Guard:  At gate of Aerospace Port
                 Turrets:  Two at the gate, then placed along the walls with two per wall
                 [City] Elementals:  Randomly but in Points (five per point), one at HQ
                 [City] Mechs:  Plain just outside of [City]

Miscellaneous:  Battlesuits must assembly by ramp before Dropship lands
                 As soon as ramp opens, Dropship will broadside Jaguar Dropship and do battle with it
                 Thirty seconds after Battlesuits depart Dropship, the Harassers will exit Dropship at full speed
                 The Harassers will move in pairs and maneuver so they speed past the mech’s rear and blast them with SRM’s before speeding to cover to reload
                 Mechs will give priority to the Harassers and occasionally give support to Elementals as they battle the Longius suits
                 Turrets will focus attention completely on the Dropship
                 Dropship will also fire at turrets, but the two gate ones must be taken out by the battlesuits via detonation charges
                 If Dropship is destroyed, mission fail
                 Once Aerospace Port is secure, the APC’s and Swiftland will depart Dropship, then Dropship will take off
                 Once force moves past gate, Mach Trucks, [City] Elementals and Mechs will become active
                 Unlike the other forces, both Combine and Jaguar, Mach Trucks are less accurate, hesitate, and don’t always do the smart thing (aka are reckless)
                 Save as many Mach Trucks as possible, will make part two easier
                 Elemental HQ is far from the route to leave city
                 Harassers must be defended so Elemental HQ can be destroyed
                 If Swiftland or either APC is destroyed, mission fail
                 Once out of city (unless enemy has been destroyed) evade for two-three minutes to be a success

Part Two will come soon…

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #31 on: December 02, 2008, 02:36:13 AM »
Scenario - Raiding Party
Planet - Ares V
Factions - Raiders VS. Tiger Alliance


January 23rd, 3059, PDA 19:43:09

It has been two months now, and not a single shipment of supplies has made it to the city of Argohagen. We've seen the dropships, but not as we would want to see them. They appear as massive fireballs, illuminating the night sky like the sun itself was up. We don't know anything about a war going on, and of all clans and alliances, we are not a threat. We had conserved our resources, but it still isn't doing any good. If we don't do something soon, it will be all over. We've been hearing strange booms lately, and it was worrying us. But most of all, me. We hadn't strayed half an inch from our base, and we didn't plan on it. Until now.

January 27th, 3059, PDA 03:12:47

Me and a few buddies back at the Conditioning Institute saw them right in the act. It was a convoy of trucks, bringing supplies to our base, when a large bluish-green light came crashing down on the convoy, obliterating it instantly. It was an assault mech we saw. We did not have time to pursue it, though. The blast seemed to have a large area affect. Not to mention the damage it caused to our Communications Systems, along with our Electronic Tracking. It seems as if it was an EMP charge. It shut all of our Mech's down for at least 30 minutes. Me and Johnny Boy were terrified. We were stranded in the woods, with nowhere to hide. It's time for us to move out. We are at breaking point, and we only have 12% of our original stockpile of supplies. Time to get to the bottom of this.


Primary Eliminate Raiders at Nav Alpha
Primary Rendezvous with reinforcements at Nav Beta
Primary Eliminate Raiders Officer at Nav Gamma
Secondary Salvage convoy supplies at Nav Epsilon

Tiger Alliance Forces : 2 Uziel(s), 3 Bushwacker(s), 3 Catapult(s), 1 Madcat MKII (you), 1 Harasser, 3 APC(s), 1 SparrowHawk, 1 Shiva, 2 Longinus.

Raiders Forces : 4 Puma(s), 3 Cougar(s), 1 Shadowcat, 1 Hunchback IIC, 1 Masakari, 2 APC(s).

Terrain : A hilly, rocky desert, with low shrubs. A base on the southern end of the map. That is your base. It consists of  2 Mech Hangars, 1 Factory, 2 Barracks', a Training Range, Conditioning Institute, and walls around the whole base.

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #32 on: December 02, 2008, 09:04:23 PM »
I can has a Part Two?

Scenario:  Attic Treasures
Factions:  Draconis Combine vs Smoke Jaguars
Planet:  [shall add later]
Year:  3057


See part one.

Objectives:  Primary)  Find and secure Brian Cache
                 Primary)  Rendezvous with DropShip for dust-off
                 Secondary)  Destroy all enemy Mechs

Combine Forces:  Five Mechs,  ? Battlesuits,  3+ Vehicles,  Two Aerofighters,  One Dropship
                 DEST Commandos:  # of surviving Longius Battlesuits
                 Convoy:  One Swiftland,  Two APC’s,  # of surviving Harassers and Mach Trucks
                 Brian Cache:  One Atlas,  One Warhammer,  One Marauder,  One Owens,  One Commando
                 Aerospace Force:  One Dropship,  Two Corsairs
Smoke Jaguar Forces:  Fifteen Mechs,  Fifteen Battlesuits,  Four Aerofighters
                 Brian Cache Force:  One Stormcrow,  Two Cougar,  One Shadow Cat,  One Timber Wolf,  Five Elementals
                 Plateau Force:  One War Hawk,  Two Maddogs,  One Summoner,  Two Pumas,  One Timber Wolf,  One Kitfox,  One Shadow Cat,  One Stormcrow,  Ten Elementals
                 Aerospace Points:  Two Sullas,  Two Visigoths

Terrain:  Snowy field with small hills and scattered trees for part one
                 A large snowy forest for the part containing the Brian Cache
                 At the dust off point, an empty snow covered plateau

Combine Deployment:  DEST Commandos:  Assigned to the APC’s
                 Convoy:  On the road at edge of snowy field
                 Brian Cache Mechs:  shut down in the Brian Cache hidden in the forest
                 Aerospace Forces:  edge of map in the air
Smoke Jaguar Deployment:  Brian Cache Mechs:  Randomly placed through forest, but with Stormcrow on the road leading to the Brian Cache
                 Brian Cache Elementals:  Inside and nearby the Brian Cache
                 Aerospace Points:  In the air from edge of map
                 Plateau Forces:  Deployed around plateau a fair distance from forest’s edge

Miscellaneous:  Player has control of APC gun at beginning of mission
                 Only Dropship retains any damage from previous mission: everyone else gets new armor and ammo refill
                 Aerofighter Points will approach Convoy’s position and attack roughly 1 minute after mission start
                 All vehicles evade, at this point infantry has option of getting off APC's
                 As before, the Mach Trucks will be erratic and not so accurate
                 Two minutes after attack, two Corsairs will draw them off
                 When forest is reached, a Stormcrow will attack the convoy
                 If Swiftland is destroyed, there’ll be no warning for the Stormcrow
                 Harassers and APC’s will take cover in forest from Stormcrow
                 Rest of forest mechs are randomly placed in forest, might engage while searching for Brian Cache
                 Elementals will form defense at Brian Cache gate/walls
                 Brian Cache is secure when all Elementals are destroyed and mech hanger is accessed
                 Once found, all surviving forest mechs will convey on Brian Cache
                 Player has to take a Mech, but has choice of Mech for final part
                 If not enough Longius suits are available for the mechs, destroy the remaining ones
                 Once plateau/forest edge is reached, Dropship will burn in for landing (five minutes)
                 Lights, Mediums and Elementals will charge for forest, Heavys and Assault will stay in open
                 Two Visigoths will return to conduct strafing runs once you move into the open
                 Once Dropship lands, rush/escort surviving vehicles to it and board
                 Dropship takes off once all surviving forces are aboard
                 If Dropship lasts thirty seconds into flight, mission ends in success

And thus the saga ends... (or does it?)
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Believing in a political party is not a sign of a person's intelligence, just his willingness to be led about by the nose.
Individual conviction and decisive actions are the signs of true intelligence.

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #33 on: December 04, 2008, 08:13:57 PM »
A single player experience to wet the appetite for the multiplayer, think I have something that covers most bases, aim is in 3 battles with a connected storyline and multiple variations to each battle (as its single player that most people will experience before hopefully moving onto multiplayer) to give a noob the experience of all the 'mechs, tanks, and aerotech fighters, plus a BattleArmour raid:

Note: Objectives are listed as achievements (alla MW2), theres actually no more than 3 in any battle, but achievements such as "all APCs must survive" are there as secondary and tertiary objectives to aid replay value)

Operation: First Blood
Date: January 3059
Planet: Asgard, Clan Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
Factions: Star League Defence Force, Clan Smoke Jaguar

6 months Prior to Operation Bulldog the SLDF was a relatively untried force, while comprising some of the best trained, highly experienced and motivated soldiers the innersphere had to offer, the SLDF was without a recent military tradition, with only ancient victories to inspire confidence in the Force.  Operation Firstblood, designed and executed in absolute secrecy, was designed as much to raise morale as to test equipment and tactics prior to Operation Bulldog. It was the hope of the SLDF brass that this could be used to create a better Espirit de Corps amongst the entire SLDF.

Conceived initially as a Battalion level assault upon several secondary targets on Port Arthur, Operation Firstblood was scaled back to a Company level raid, and the planet Asgard was chosen as a softer target.  The Company of 'Mechs and their supporting Armour and Aerotech were chosen from Regiments all over the SLDF and comprised the best of the many volunteers that were found.

The 'mechs, dropships and vehicles were stripped of all insignia and repainted in generic camouflage for the terrains they were to drop into, and the soldiers received psych evaluation & conditioning before being issued suicide capsules in the event of capture by the enemy.


First Battle: Dead by Dawn
Planet Asgard: Mountainous Artic Tundra Region. 
Enviroment: 5 Minutes before Dawn, Medium Snowfall throughout, Aurora Borealis lightshow in the sky.

Primary Objective: Secure HPG Station at Nav Beta,
Primary Objective: Destroy Comms Station generator at Nav Alpha, 
Secondary Objective: Destroy all enemy 'mechs
Secondary Objective: All VTOL transports must survive.
Tertiary Objective: Prevent Smoke Jaguars from raising the Alarm.
Tertiary Objective: Secure Salvage

Player Experience: 'Mech pilot with Armour support.  Player can choose stealth or brute force approach to mission.

The Player takes the role of Charlie Lance Leader within the 'Mech Company, Clarlie Lance is a medium lance (Player can pick any mech in any config for their own 'mech), the lancemates are 2 Uziel & 1 Bushwhacker.  The Lance has Armour support, tanks such as Harassers and Shreks.  The Player can issue orders to one of the Uziels (which has a Bushwhacker staying in formation with it, attacking its target)  the other Uziel, similar to the Bushwhacker, shadows the players 'mech, creating in effect 2 points of 2 'mechs and simplifying orders.  Charlie Lance is operating on a different continent to Alpha and Bravo Lance and their supporting elements so they don't take part in the players experience of this battle.  Charlie Lance is to secure a safe landing for Commandos and Technicians at the planets newly constructed HPG Station, it is hoped that the Technicians will be able to hack the Jaguars defense & sensor network, crippling the Clan for long enough that Alpha & Bravo Lance can capture and loot the supply depot.

The start cutscene is of two leopard dropships burning down from high orbit space (planet light by patches of bright spots for cities towns etc. as the leopards fly from dawn into night) and in the blue-black of a pre-dawn night, under cover of a solar storm, showing the lighting effects of to the max. The scene is the polar north continent of the planet, the lance and its support armour are dropped 3kilo from Nav Alpha.  The Light fighter moves out to scout, the game begins as the fighter reports two Shadowcat 'mechs on patrol between the lance and the Comms Station at Alpha. 

The Player can choose to engage and destroy both fast (must both be dead within 45 seconds from detection) or avoid them and take a longer route around a mountain  to the Comms Station (via new navpoints, Zeta & Theta).  If the player fails to destroy both within the timelimit, the Alarm will be raised and the objectives will be reinforced when the player arrives. Two medium aerotech fighters may come to the Shadowcats aid, arriving a 15 Seconds after the Alarm is raised and focusing primarily on killing the Armour supporting the 'Mechs.

Nav Alpha is a collection of a dozen small buildings in a fortified compound, guarded by 6 clan assorted light 'Mechs supported by a star of Elementals. Turrets are Anti-Air and Laser.  If no Alarm has been raised then only 4 mechs are at Alpha, the other 2 are on patrol and 20 seconds after the fight begins at Alpha they will spawn 3 kms out and rush to aid the defence.  The main generator must be destroyed within the first minute of detection by the 'mechs at Alpha to prevent the Alarm being raised.  If the Alarm had been raised by the Shadowcats then there will also be a significant amount of Medium and Light Armour and several VTOLs will be on patrol in the surrounding area and all 6 mechs will be present at the base from the beginning.

Nav Beta is a few clicks further down a valley.  If the Alarm had been raised by the Shadowcats then it is about halfway down this valley that the player will encounter the large number of clan medium & Light tanks that are moving to reinforce the now-dead light mechs at Alpha  If the Alarm had been raised by the Generator then the two Shadowcats and Aerotech fighters from earlier (if still alive) will move to attack the Lance from the rear when the first tank dies.  If no Alarm has been raised the player will encounter half the amount of Armour and it will be in 2 patrols (bite size encounters) as the lance moves to Beta.

The HPG Station is defended by many towed turrets, mostly anti air and anti vehicle,  The HPG Facility comprises of a few buildings on the large scale, right next to the HPG Station is an airstrip with several buildings and VTOL Pads, 4 hangers and a Barracks, to the other side of the Station is a makeshift MFB, field Barracks and ammo crates sandbagged.  The Station has been built on the only significantly wide open flat area of the map and is still under construction, theres several cranes and heavy construction vehicles present, one wall around the Station (with better turrets) has been partially completed. It should now be morning, the snow fall has stopped.

If no Alarm has been raised then the station is defended by 4 medium 'mechs (no Shadowcats, they went out on patrol) with a star of Elementals with no Armour support.  Since no alarm was raised the two medium Aerotech fighters have returned and are on the ground, the pilots napping, they will only take off 1.5 minutes after fighting begins and only as long as the airstrips barracks is intact. The radio will urge the player to destroy the barracks and take the aerotech as salvage.   As soon as the fighting begins VTOLs start taking off and join the fight.

If the Alarm was raised by the generator at Alpha there will be a significant number of Heavy and Medium Armour in support of the 'mechs here, there will be double the number of VTOLS, and half will be airbourne and holding a defensive range of 1 km out, until their 'mechs attack.  Any detection here will result in a massed attack by the clanners.

If the Alarm was raised by the Shadowcats then the VTOLS will be in the air, with more patrolling near by (they will come to the support of their allies as soon as the fight begins at Beta), and there will be medium Armour support in place for the 'Mechs.  The fighters will not be there.  The Clanners in this instance will try to hold back and use range and their turrets to create a killzone.

When base turrets are reduced to 30% heavy lifters will fly in with battlesuited commandos to take the buildings, 30 seconds after landing the Clan Technicians will surrender the Station and the mission will end.

With the HPG dead and Clan communications disrupted its time for  Alpha and Bravo Lance's to do the raid.


Second Battle: Supplies Party
Planet Asgard, Southern Continent, Rolling Hills with 3 Small Villages a Large Clan Supply Depot with a MagLev train in the middle.
Enviroment: Twilight (that fluid golden hue), clear skies,  ending under the stars
Player Experience: Battle Armour vs Infantry, Elementals, Vehicles and Light Mechs, Armour employed in support of Assault 'mechs.

Primary Objective: Secure Supply Depot
Primary Objective: Escort APC's to the Dropship.
Secondary Objective: All APCs must survive.
Secondary Objective: Secure Salvage
Secondary Objective: Support Alpha Lance
Tertiary Objective: Destroy an enemy 'mech (in a tank or as part of a BA Squad)
Tertiary Objective: All Salvaged Vehicles must survive.

After the player has picked and configured their battle-armour from a list of all available, the experience starts with a cut-scene of 3 Heavy transport VTOLs flying over some lovely rendered showcase countryside, the idyl is broken by radio chatter, we are told that "Charlies took out the Grid, Alpha and Bravo you are good to go" fades and now the VTOLs are above the smoke of burning clan light 'mechs & assorted burning Armour, and the burning buildings of the first village, we see Bravo Heavy Lance with Armour support softening up the Depots defences as the players VTOL transport flies in to hot-drop the players Battle-Armour squad(with several other BA squads, all the IS variant) in the middle of a Large Clan supply depot.

The first phase is a chaotic melee, with turrets being taken out, 'mechs from Bravo taking out a Clan 'mech and destroying vehicles as a backdrop to the Player and their BA squads experience.  Most everything except for infantry is too focused on the 'mechs and vehicles to target the BA Squads.  The Players Squad ice waves of infantry and some Elementals, a minute after the drop the last of the enemy large targets has been destroyed and so the 'mechs & Vehicles from Bravo Lance move on to engage other targets.  The player and their BA squad now have buildings as Nav points and must move from building to building clearing out the stubborn clan infantry.  When half of the infantry are dead a Kitfox arrives and is engaged by another BA squad who ask for assistance, the Player then gets to have fun taking down a light mech with the other BA en masse (and if the Player in BA score more than 15% of the damage, or kills the 'mech it counts as the Secondary Objective).  After the last of the infantry are dead the supply depots doors open and a column of APCs with Medium Armour Escort arrive to sack the depot.  However within the depot are all of the tanks available in the game (stock configs) any of which the player may pilot.

If the player decides to stay as BA then after 30 seconds the APCs are loaded and all the tanks will leave with the APCs and head for a dropship not far away, on the way to the dropship, the column must pass through the second village, and this is the site of an ambush by several light clan vehicles with Elementals hiding in the buildings.  Between the Dropship and the Village is one last Clan Cougar 'mech.  The mission ends when the APCs and the Player arrive at the dropship.

If the Player decides to pilot one of the tanks then upon entering the vehicle they will recieve a request for support from Alpha Lance, 4 Assault 'mechs (2 Awesome, 1 Atlas and a Fafnir) on a hill overlooking the 3rd village, not too far away.  The player can head off towards the dropship(In which case the APC Column and tanks will follow).  Or the player can head towards Alpha Lance (some tanks will follow).  In this case the APC column will wait for the player to return before heading for the dropship.  If the player waits for 30 seconds in a tank before leaving the depot then the APCs will head for the dropship with all the tanks.

Upon arriving with Alpha Lance the player will be thrown into an Assault on the 3rd village (which is home to a star of elementals that have been spotted waiting in ambush), when the Assault starts various waves of VTOLs and Clan 'mechs move into relieve the Elementals, and the player in support of Alpha lance fights through waves of 'mechs and tanks, Clan 'Aerotech move arrive and attack but after the first pass are set upon by IS aerotech in greater numbers.  Overhead Aerotech fighters are focused on each other, now oblivious to the ground pounders. The objective is achieved when the last of the enemy drops, but should last long enough and be of enough variation to make the player want to pilot a tank in the multiplayer.  The player must then proceed to the depot and escort the APC column to the dropship.  Should the player follow this route it should be fully night, a clear sky with stars, by the time the player reaches the dropships.


Third Battle: Twilight of the Gods
Planet: Asgard, Low to high Altitude over rolling hills
Space: High Orbit to Deep Space
Player Experience:  Aerotech Dogfighting, Bomber Escort and Capitol Ship Attack
Primary Objective: Defend the Dropships until they make it to safety
Primary Objective: Disable the Clan Warships engines
Secondary Objective: All Dropships must survive
Secondary Objective: Defend the Bombers.
Secondary Objective: Destroy all Clan Aerotech fighters.
Tertiary Objective: All Bombers must survive.
Tertiary Objective:  Destroy the Clan Warship

Note: slighty outside of guidelines as to number of Dropships and Warships, however, only 3 DS on the move at any one time, and only one warship playing any active part in the battle).
The Last battle is situated as the SLDF dropships retreat off planet with their ill gotten spoils to the protection of the waiting guns of the 2 Vincent Class Corvettes (or one big whatever!) The player picks his fighter from any available in the game and configures it. The cutscene is of the dropships loading the last of the vehicles and 'mechs while the players squadron passes overhead and turns steeply up into space.  The players squadron is flying Combat Aerospace Patrol for several waves of dropships who enter from the direction of the planet at regular intervals, flying full g burns and running for the safety of the warships guns.  The player has to beat down on wave after wave of clan fighters attempting to destroy the dropships before they get their speed up (ie travel a set distance then are no longer attacked and considered safe).  The Clanners are launching from the planets moon and, for later waves, from a large clan warship that Jumps in as the last dropship wave makes its run(this turn of events is just bad luck, no distress call had been made). The Clan warship (would like to see a Black Lion or a Cameron) is moving slowly towards weapons range with the IS Warship/s, who can't hang around!

If more than one of the dropships are destroyed before the Clan Warship appears then the mission will end. 

When the Clan Warship appears the IS warship/s will launch heavy fighters armed to disable/destroy the Clan warship, they will be escorted by a small fighter screen launched at the same time.  To allow the dropships time to dock and all to jump in safety, the player must now burn to the Clan Warship and brush aside clan fighters launched by the Clan Warship so that the bombers can make their runs.

When the Bombers have disabled the engines on the Warship the player will be recalled (achievement "Defend the Bombers" is gained), if the player follows orders all the IS aero's will retreat too, if the player stays 10 seconds after the order is made or proceeds to continue attacking the Warship then all the IS aerotech will stay too and continue to assault the Warship, the bombers should be enough in number to knock out the engines with several runs, but not enough in number to obliterate the warship without a long fight after the recall point.  If the warship is destroyed the player is rewarded with the big bang, the achievement and the mission ends.

Cutscene, Dropships docking, the warship burning (or just inactive) in the distance, fragments of clan fighters and other debris, the IS Warship/s extends its sail/s and Jumps with the entire fleet to a new system, a crackling voice from an Aerotech patrol says "Welcome back Firstblood, you get us anything good?" etc. 

It is important that the Clan Warship isn't cheated of the chance to show its deadliness, the IS fleet should enter its firing solution within just a few minutes of the Bombers being launched.  A good player should have enough time to reduce the enemy fighters and let the bombers destroy the engines to prevent the Warship firing.  A middle rate pilot should see the Warship send off a few salvo's, before its engines are destroyed and the IS Fleet slips away.  A novice pilot should see the Clan Warship butchering first a couple of dropships, then the IS warship/s in the third or fourth salvo, this will mean the mission ending in failure, but it'll certainly make an impression :) End
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Re: Create a Scenario
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Modified the above, should make sense now  :-[

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #35 on: December 05, 2008, 10:21:20 PM »
A rival appears!

I got to say nice job on following the Battletech canon while creating an awesome series of scenarios to go along with the story.  I really like how you place an emphasis and handle stealth in the first mission (I like missions like that) and especially the way you balance the time and experience in all the different fields of combat and not just focusing on the mechs.  I admit I have been lacking in the latter for my scenarios, so it's a welcome challenge for me to make amends to that while still producing good scenarios.  Keep it up {SLDF} Heretic!

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #36 on: December 06, 2008, 05:54:39 PM »
Thanks KiloEcho, nah, not a rival just a fellow enthusiast.

Your "Invisible Wall" Scenario sounds great.  Would love to have calls for support from the various IS 'mechs being pursued, so the player had to destroy the clanners at certain points at various times in the mission to save various IS 'mechs in peril and it'd be great to have those as secondary objectives.  Wonder what Aero would make the best A-10?

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #37 on: December 06, 2008, 07:35:22 PM »
That would be the MechBuster hands down, it's basically an AC 20 with wings.

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #38 on: December 06, 2008, 10:31:03 PM »
You guys should sit together sometime and make up an epic storyline with detailed mission briefs for the devs :D Not to mention I would love to read something coming out of your heads together ...
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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #39 on: December 07, 2008, 10:06:39 AM »
This thread is a must for future map creation! :-X

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #40 on: December 08, 2008, 12:29:01 PM »
Have any of your guys got the Jade Falcon or Smoke Jaguar Source books/background fluff?

Would love to see Turtle Bay (with its heavily industrialised asteroid belts) and Von Strangs World, with its massive fortifications for tanks and 'mechs.  Would make good maps and single player games.

Turtle Bay would be awesome for the Aero's, Von Strangs World I see as a tankers wet dream.

As for working together, thats what I'm hoping, would be great to have a CoD style single player, but as we're limited on initial 'mechs and vehicles it seems logical that the most variation will be seen with IS vs Clanners. So we'd need as many missions from the various Clans point of view as we would showing the DC, FC and CS point of view.  I certainly don't feel confident enough to write a convincing scenario from the Clanners point of view and need help on the sources.

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #41 on: December 08, 2008, 07:08:18 PM »
As far as tankers go, it's got to be Clan Hell's Horses, the only clan to favor tanks and infantry over mechs.  Though you'd be limited to the Hell's Horses, Ghost Bear skirmishes if you stuck with canon.  Still would be awesome to construct a scenario with that in mind.

Oh yeah, here's your scenario fix:

Scenario:  Oblivious Comet
Factions:  Clan Smoke Jaguar vs Draconis Combine
Planet:  McAlister
Year:  3059


To his great horror, ilKhan Lincoln Osis has learned of a massive Inner Sphere assault into his clan’s invasion corridor.  Not only invading the greatest of the clans, they have the audacity to claim the title of Star League Defense Force as their own.  Finally, the final straw came when the Jade Falcon and Wolf Khans convinced the other clans to not come to the aid of the Smoke Jaguars in erasing this sacrilegious advance against the clans.  With no other options, Lincoln Osis is forced to take matters into his own hands for the good of the clans.

Ignoring the bluff of the Inner Sphere’s second wave, he has sent Smoke Jaguar forces across the border into Draconis Combine territory in an attempt to draw the invaders back as well as win great glory for his clan.  Five planets shall display the Jaguar’s prowess, and McAlister shall be the centerpiece of this glorious conquest.  Thus naturally the ilKhan would be greatly distressed that disaster has already struck the McAlister battle.

Hastily he orders two Union Class dropships loaded with Omnimechs and Elementals to the McAlister force’s aid.  But to get there in time, the dropships will have to cut across Combine airspace and only a star of Omnifighters can be called to defend the dropships.  Regardless, the clan forces are going in.  What possible force could the Inner Sphere freebirths throw at the superior might of Smoke Jaguar?

Objectives:  Primary)  Escort Dropships to LZ (minimum of one)
                 Secondary)  Destroy Airstrip Control Tower
                 Secondary)  Destroy enemy artillery spotters

Smoke Jaguar Forces:  Six Aerofighters,  Two Dropships,  Five Mechs,  Ten Elementals
                 Aerofighter Points:  Two Xerxes,  Two Visigoths,  Two Sullas
                 Dropship Flight:  Two Union Class C Dropships
                 Embattled Force:  One Warkawk,  One Timberwolf,  One Maddog,  One Stormcrow,  One Cougar,  Ten Elementals
Draconis Combine Forces:  Sixteen Aerofighters,  Eighteen Mechs,  Twelve Vehicles,  Ten Turrets
                 Aerofighter Screen:  Four Shivas,  Four Corsairs,  Four Sparrowhawks
                 Bower Ambush:  Four Catapults,  Six Partisans
                 Airstrip Forces:  Two Shivas,  Two Corsairs,  Ten Missile Turrets,  Four Partisans,  Two Schreks
                 Assaulting Mech Forces:  One Atlas,  Two Maulers,  One Awesome,  Two Thanatos,  One Maraudar,  Two Catapults,  Three Owens
                 Artillery Spotters:  Two Ravens

Terrain:  Mostly Forest, but several breaks for the different encounters
               For the Airstrip, a large plain stretches out between the two forest groups
               For the Bower Ambush, a large bower field with a river running serenely in-between
               For the LZ, a series of alternating rolling hills and brief plateaus

Smoke Jaguar Deployment:  Dropships:  In mid-air
               Aerospace Points:  In mid-air
               Embattled forces:  rolling hills farthest away from Dropship starting point
Draconis Combine Deployment:  Aerofighter Screen:  A minute out from Dropship starting point
               Airstrip Forces:  self explanatory
               Bower Ambush Forces:  Along treeline farthest from Dropship starting point
               Assaulting Forces:  Rolling hills closest to Dropship starting point
               Artillery Spotters:  Crest of a hill behind Draconis frontline in view of battle

Miscellaneous:  Shivas will focus on the Dropships,  Sparrowhawks on the fighters, and the Corsairs will alternate with slightly favoring the fighters
                 Dropships will stay on course straight between starting point and LZ without deviating at all
                 Dropships will be able to fire on enemy Aerofighters and ground targets
                 At airstrip, the missile turrets are spread out along the perimeter
                 At airstrip, Partisans will target Aerofighters, everything else the Dropships
                 The airstrip’s aerofighters will take off once Dropships reach the airstrip’s perimeter
                 Destroying the Control Tower will cut enemy communication and be helpful in the Bower trap
                 Once bower field is reached, enemy fighters will suddenly break left and right, leaving an opening
                 After ten seconds, the Catapults and Partisans will launch a barrage of missiles and auto cannons at the fighters
                 If Control Tower was destroyed, enemy Aerofighters will be caught in the trap as well
                 If the Catapults can be armed with Arrow IV, they’ll target the Dropships instead
                 After flying over the trap, enemy fighters will converge and attack the Dropships
                 Once all Shivas and half of the remaining force is destroyed, the aerofighters will break off for good
                 Once battle site is reached, the Dropships will need 30-60 seconds to land, upon which mission will be a success
                 Player can choose to defend Dropships, attack enemy mech units, or take out the Ravens spotting artillery strikes on the battle
                 Mission fails if both dropships or the whole Jaguar embattled unit is destroyed
                 The mech battle should initiate two minutes out from landing
                 Total trip time should be about fifteen minutes (contact at one,  airstrip at five,  bower at eleven,  descent for LZ at fourteen)
                 Free choice for fighter
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Individual conviction and decisive actions are the signs of true intelligence.

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #42 on: December 10, 2008, 06:12:58 PM »
*Ranges stated are purely as guidelines, and based loosely on CBT rules for radar ECM etc*

Scenario: A Better Flyswat
Faction: Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery vs Clan Smoke Jaguar
Planet: Wolcott, Afternoon, Ambient: 34 Celsius dry, 22 Celsius with torrential rain

Primary Objective:  Destroy 60% of the Cargo Vehicles heading from Nav Alpha to Nav Beta.
Primary Objective:  Destroy Ammunition Dumps at Nav Gamma.
Primary Objective:  Rejoin friendly Lines at Nav Delta
Secondary Objective: Destroy all Depot defenders at Gamma.
Secondary Objective:  100% of Convoy must be destroyed.
Tertiary Objective:  Earn the Bushido Blade.

“The Planet Wolcott, a collection of towns surrounded by swamp and bugs, was invaded by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 3050, the Battle of Wolcott stands with the Battle of Luthien as the only instances where the Dragon successfully withstood the assaults of the Jaguar.  Hohiro Kurita commanding the DCMS forces displayed a skillful mastery of the Art of War, effectively stage-managing where & when the Jaguar attacked.

Wolcott became a battle of attrition, with the Smoke Jaguars, running desperately low on ammunition forced onto the back foot.  This mission will place the player, alone and behind the Jaguar lines, tasked with destroying a Smoke Jaguar supply convoy and the supply depot that it was heading for.  This mission can be completed using either stealth, speed, or brute force and has a surprise achievement for Kurita fans”

The Map:

Mission starts in early afternoon with a heavy rainfall lasting 10 minutes, afterwards bright patchy sunshine and a low-laying misty light fog will prevail, ten minutes later the rain will begin again and this cycle repeats until end of mission.  The player begins in the far south of the map. A large rocky hill & cliff range covered in a bamboo forest stretches across the full length of the middle of the map.  The range of hills cannot be traversed from the north by vehicles and non-jumpjet ‘mechs but has 2 passes which have been ad-hock fortified by the Jaguars who are deployed defensively on the hills and on patrol in the area south of the hills. 

The area north and south of the hills are mostly swamp, 1-3m muddy water depth, the whole landscape is dotted with trees, petrified in clumps and sticking out of the water, or living on the hundreds of small to medium lakes that dot the swamps, many at the bases of small hillocks and cliffs from where a better view of the surrounding swamp can be gained.  Occasional small lakes with deep water dot the landscape, some are actually water-filled sinkholes and quite fatal to any vehicle, these are only detectable by the fact that the sinkholes have fewer reeds & rushes surrounding them.  The area north of the mountains is held by the Combine forces, camouflaged in holding positions, on either side of a dual lane road in the forested area between the two large areas of open water that bottleneck the north of the map.  The dual lane road twists north-south from the top of the map and through the eastern pass, staying to dry land.

The area South of the rocky hills has a few little lakes, and more little hills, some of which have observation posts or radar stations built on them and the trees cleared, AAA turrets are a common sight here as is the occasional patrolling Clan Aerofighters.  There is one 6 lane highway passing through the south of the map from west to east, it t-junctions in the middle to connect with the twisting dual lane road Leading through the eastern hill pass from the north of the map.  The Highway is straight, level and futuristic, raised on fly-overs built over the wet areas, making the entire thing look like one massively long bridge across the swamp(which is partly what it is as this area receives flashfloods which would otherwise wash the traffic away). Some areas of the highway would mean a fatal fall for a vehicle, in a few places the small hills meet the highway, and these can be used as off ramps.  The Highway also has two man-made off ramps, one at the Depot road exit and one where the Highway meets the dual lane north-south road.

Further west, from the T junction with the North-South twisting road, the highway again branches to a two lane northern road, this leads to the supply depot which is nestled for protection into the hillside.  The Highway continues off both ends of the map, connecting two distant cities.

Opening Cinematic: (thought these’d be good as you’ve done the high poly models anyway, be a shame to not use them)  Camera flys to & over the Jaguar Hillside defences, the ‘mechs & Armour at the passes and the Armour on the hillsides (Huits on the hills in the open, everything else well dug in and camo’d), the back view of a Huit shows views of the dug in positions, the north swamps and in screen centre top the hidden Draconis positions.  Camera flies down the hillside, over boulders as big as ‘mechs, into the swamps, through a patrol of Elementals wandering through petrified trees and up again, zooming to the IS positions, showing them hiding (ok, so I'm missing my Battlestar Galactica zoom fix).  Zooms in on a Maulers head and over the radio “Gecko One we are in position, you may start your run now”  the camera pans around and flies straight down the dual lane road gaining altitude, “Gecko One I repeat, you may start your run now” Supply depot is shown as camera pans and heads straight down, past 2 patrolling clan Aero’s,  and south to the players ‘mech, crouching in the swamp, surrounded by trees and well camouflaged.  2 more Aero’s pass overhead during the zoom and the cut-scene ends as the Player takes control, these Aero’s wont detect the player at this point unless the player fires at them.


All Clanner ‘mechs on the map have only 1-6 Rounds/Salvos left for Ballistic and Missiles weapons, a few are damaged.  All Clanner Aero’s have 50% ammo and no damage.  Clanner Armour is running 50% ammo and no damage. The Armour seen dug in at the cutscene bears no part in this mission and is for scene-setting only.  It is removed when the cinematic ends.

There are 2 Stormcrows  and 2 Shadowcats in 4 solo patrols in the Southern Half of the map,   the 2 Shadowcats run from the north to south and back with 1km-2km or so spacing between them, along pre-determined paths from the East hill pass towards the main road, along their travels they will run up on top of a couple of tree-lined hills and scan the immediate swamp area 180degrees in front of them. 

2 Stormcrows are on a similar solo patrols outside of the Supply depot, they will attempt to stay under 2 km from the station even during combat, but no closer than 500m, unless to engage the player.  The Stormcrows will support each other, if one is attacked the other will travel to its position.  The Shadowcats behave the same.

All ‘mechs and Aero’s will perform a search pattern if LoS contact is lost at any time after detection (see suggested rules below), this will involve the asset heading to the last known location of the players ‘mech and doing a four points sweep, unless detection is re-established the asset will then return to its patrol duties.

The Two groups of Clan Aero’s have the southern half of the map divided between them and will only attack the players ‘mech if the player fires any weapon but the TAG Laser within 3km of them.  Or if the players ‘mech is detected.

The Supply depot is an extensive structure, with many large hangers partially built into the central hills of the map, therefore facing south.  It is ringed by mostly anti-vehicle turrets.  There are 2 ammunition dumps that have to be destroyed; they are far enough apart that a single bombardment would not destroy both.  There are 4 Huits in static positions running Air Defence and a couple of Heavy tanks guarding the gates, theres another 4 medium tanks in a line at the depot, but they’ll only become active 2 minutes after the depot is attacked and only as long as their barracks remains intact (its near to the second dump and a careful airstrike can take out both.  All of the Armour here is interested in defending the depot, and won’t move further than 500m from the gates in any direction.  The destruction of the 1st supply depot is the trigger for the western flight of Aero’s to swoop in and do a hunting sweep around the Depot.  Like all the assets, once they have done their box search, if they find nothing they’ll go back on patrol.  If the Player destroys all the tanks here they are rewarded by the Secondary Objective achievement “Destroy Depot Defenders”.  When the depot is attacked the 2 Stormcrows will move to the depot, perform hunting sweeps and patrol within 1 km of the depot.

The Convoy consists of many APCs and Liquid fuel tankers with 4 Huits and some light tanks escorting them, the Huits are riding 2 up front and 2 on the rear of the column the light tanks have the flanks.  The convoy will move at a steady speed all the way down the highway till it gets to the Supply depot, where the vehicles will disappear into the safety of the large hangers there.  Should the player not already have achieved the 60% destruction objective by this point the only option is to enter the hangers and destroy the vehicles, as they are now in unloading bays stretching 200m back into the hillside, unfortunately the vehicles are being unloaded in the fastest possible manner, by Elementals, and for every cargo vehicle there is a working Elemental who will attack the player immediately as they enter the hanger, they're not stupid and if the player leaves the hanger will hide behind non-destructible barriers which run the length of the loading bays.  Destruction of the ammo carrying APCs should kill any Elemental within 15m who is not shielded by a blast barrier (2/3 of them will be shielded at all times).  The Fuel Carriers lethality is 10m, both blast raise 'mech and battlearmour heat in the hanger within 50m of the blast.  The Elementals will rush the player if the player comes 50m or more into the hanger.  The Depot will radio the Stormcrows, Shadowcats and Aero's on the map for help as soon as the player enters the Depot grounds (even if undetected) and so the player should have a hard fight getting out of the Depot.

The Armour from the Convoy will stay outside and perform guard duties at the Depot.  Should the convoy come under attack (or bombardment) it will pick up its pace and move at full speed on the road towards the depot.  Should the player engage the tanks they will attack while attempting to keep up with the convoy, they will retreat to the depot with the convoy rather than stay and fight. The Convoy starts rolling as soon as the opening cinematic stops.  The Convoy being attacked is the trigger for the eastern Aero’s to leave their patrol pattern and make a hunting sweep over and around the area of the convoy, should the player be discovered the Shadowcats will move to the players last known position and search in a box pattern.

The Western Pass is guarded by 2 squads of heavy tanks heavily dug in, with just their turrets showing to the enemy. these tanks are acting as the front line positions, a Mad Dog a Timberwolf and a Nova Cat are in support of these tanks (they will not move more than 500m from them).

South west from the western pass defences are 4 clan ‘mechs,  these pilots have seen the heaviest of the fighting and are awaiting orders to repair. They are in a little hollow, well hidden, 3 of the 'mechs are shutdown, their pilots taking a hard earned rest only the Summoner is active, he is actively scanning the jungle in all directions while moving in and out of concealment to do so.  They are: 1 Summoner, 2 rounds/salvos of ammo, damaged left arm and left torso, 2 Masakari both with 2 salvos of ammo, one with almost crippled right leg and all over superficial damage, the other with extensive damage to right and center torso his right arm missing, and 1 Kodiak, 5 rounds remaining, minimal damage except cockpit armour is half.  If the player destroys these 4 ‘mechs they earn the tertiary objective achievement and an impressed radio announcement (A DCMS medal/pin called "Blade of Bushido".  If the player remains undetected and airstrikess the 'mechs here they will move 500m away to the protection of some trees and the Thor will do a quick patrol, these 'mechs follow this procedure everytime they are hit by an airstrike and will do so till the player is detected or the 'mechs destroyed.  If the player is detected all 4 'mechs will attack at once.

The Eastern pass mirrors the western pass, but in addition has a Kodiak ‘mech with the Mad Dog, Timberwolf and Nova Cat.  After the destruction of the ammo dumps and when the player gets within 700m of the Eastern pass  the Draconis ‘mechs and Armour will advance in formation on the Eastern pass, radio crackles “Gecko One, wait there, we’re opening the door for you… All points attack in formation, advance!!!”.

The DCMS force consists of a lance of 4 Maulers (who will stay behind the Heavy Tanks and offer direct firesupport during the battle for the pass) a Brawler Lance of 2 Warhammers a Marauder and a Thanatos and 3 squads of heavy tanks.  Upon entering the pass they should be set upon by Elementals hiding at the treeline, while the Clan ‘mechs hold the line with the tanks and offer firesupport (nice TAG targets), the clan 'mechs will break static formation and manouver defensively when the Brawlers enter medium range. The clan 'mechs will attack the player if anything other than a TAG laser is fired at them or upon detection if the player is piloting a heavy or assault, or if the player presents themselves as a target of opportunity, otherwise they're much too busy with the advancing Kuritans.

The Player can join in the battle or make a run past the defenders along some broken cover at the side of the pass, as urged by the radio when the 'mechs engage each other. if the player does this then the IS and Clan 'mechs will break off from each other and both sides retreat.  However if the player sticks around things will get interesting, the first clan 'mech or second clan tank destroyed sends out an alarm to every clan unit on the map to converge on the Eastern pass, therefore within seconds the Combine forces are going to be hit by the 4 Clan Aeros, and within minutes this pass will be swarming with clan Armour & 'mechs as the forces from the other pass with their 'mech defenders, the 2 shadowcats, 2 stormcrows and even any Armour left over from the convoy and the deopt will arrive and attempt to take back the pass.  The 4 damaged 'mechs hiding south west of the western pass will also move to defend the Eastern pass, however, if they are destroyed further than 1km from their start position then the tertiary objective will not be awarded.

The mission ends if the Player is destroyed or once Nav Delta is reached.

Single Player Experience:

The player can pick any ‘mech and config for this mission, but by default the stock Raven is selected (this mission is meant to show case the TAG Laser on the Raven).  The Player has no lance-mates and is deep behind enemy lines, the player can pick which objectives to do in what order, including the hidden objective of destroying a pack of damaged enemy Assault ‘mechs!   The player can choose to do this mission with only the TAG laser and a lot of sneaking around (there’s some good high cover in several places over the map, allowing long-range stealthy airstrikes). Or choose their favourite or heaviest loadout and just go toe-toe from the start to the end, or anything in between.

A good player with the Stock Raven should be able to do the stealth approach and finish in 12-15 minutes, a good assault pilot could spend an hour stripping the map of aero and 'mech hunting before destroying the convoy at the Depot and killing the last 'mechs at the east pass.

The Objectives (except for the 60% of cargo vehicles) should all require at least 2 airstrikes to complete.

Rules of Detection: 

All rules relating to ECM and radar detection apply as normal, all the Clanners are running active radar. However to get the true “stealth” feel, visual detection rules for the ‘mechs, armour and Aero’s will have to be coded, I’ve listed some here, more for the feel than out of any experience programming AI, and it's set out like a pen & paper game rules, so I’m hoping the pro’s may forgive me or even contribute!

Visual Detection: Is checked constantly when the Players 'mech enters Line of Sight with an enemy asset. Line of Sight (a 90degree arc around the cockpit) has set maximum ranges.  Starts at 1km for hunting aero’s, 800km for patrolling aero’s, 800m for scanning ‘mechs, 700m for patrolling ‘mechs and 650m for vehicles,

To remain undetected, the player must score over 40 points on the following scale, Detection continues to be checked until the ‘mech is out of the Line of Sight.

The Detection value is determined based on the % of ‘mech torso, head and arms (not legs) silhouette obstructed from LoS with various modifiers applied as necessary therefore it will change as the enemy or the friendly moves and range changes.

Modifiers: + 25% for full stop, -25% running, -40% Breaking trees -100 %weapons fire other than TAG Laser. -5% if an Aero is the vehicle checking,  +25% when raining.

Range Modifiers: +20% for over 700m, +15% for between 600-699m, +10% 500-599m, +5% 400-499m, and so on

Player Modifiers are applied based on what chassis the pilot chooses:  +5% for Light ‘mechs, no modifier for Medium ‘mechs -5% Heavy ‘mech ,  -10% for Assault ‘mech

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Re: Create a Scenario
« Reply #43 on: December 11, 2008, 04:43:22 PM »
thx 4 volenteering to do the single player campaigns. ;D

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Re: Create a Scenario
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The overall atmosphere to these missions should be desperation.

Scenario:  Salvation Lost
Factions:  Lyran Alliance vs Jade Falcon
Planet:  Blue Hole
Year: 3064


Things were too quiet.

While the savagery of the FedCom Civil War raged around the Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance, planets far from the action such as Blue Hole enjoyed a sort of ad hoc sense of peace and order.  The Clans lay at their border, but with the Truce of Tukkayid, no one seriously believed the Clans would start a major drive into the Inner Sphere for three more years.

That was before a Jade Falcon Warship jumped in system unopposed and launched a fleet of dropships burning fast for Blue Hole.  Estimates place their numbers at two clusters, more than enough to crush the two battalions on planet.  The battle for Blue Hole has already been decided, the battle for survival is all that remains.

Dropships have been scrambled, evacuation plans have been laid, and the mech force is organizing.  The enemy is closing fast and will shortly be on top of the defenders.  Time is needed to finalize the retreat, and unless some sort of miracle can be produced, then all the time for planning will be in vain.

Phase One:  Tattletale
Location:  Blue Hole’s moon

Brief Situation:  The Archon must be warned!  Defend the station until the alarm is sent off.

Objectives:  Primary)  Defend HPG Uplink until urgency message can be sent
                    Secondary)  Disable enemy dropship
                    Secondary)  Cover the retreat of ally ground units

Lyran Forces:  Four Battlemechs,  Six Aerofighters,  Four Turrets,  One Dropship
                     Fighter Group:  Four Corsairs,  Two Sparrowhawks
                     Mech Lance:  One Fafnir,  One Bushwacker,  One Warhammer,  One Uziel
                     HPG Uplink Station:  Four Missile Turrets
Jade Falcon Forces:  Ten Battlemechs,  Six Aerofighters,  One Dropship
                     Binary:  One Warhawk,  One Maddogs,  One Timberwolf,  Two Summoners,  Two Stormcrows,  One Shadowcat,  Two Adders
                     Aerofighter Points:  Two Xerxes,  Four Visigoths

Terrain:  Moon dustball with craters and hills, plus a canyon at the HPG Uplink’s rear
                     Exception is flat plateau 400 meters around HPG Uplink and the two Dropship sites, each 1.5 kilometers away

Lyran Deployment:  Fighter Group:  Airstrip at bottom of canyon
                      Mech Lance:  At gates of HPG Uplink
                      Dropship:  lands at plateau after message has been sent
Jade Falcon Deployment:  Aerofighter Points:  In air, two minutes out from HPG Uplink
                      Binary:  Inside Dropship
                      Dropship:  In air, five minutes from landing

Miscellaneous:  The station must be defended for fifteen minutes before message is sent
                      Enemy fighter’s first pass will be on station/defenders
                      Enemy mechs will focus on defenders/HPG Station unless attacked
                      Disabling Dropship’s engines will be helpful in phase three
                      Escorting allied mechs to friendly dropship will be helpful in phase two

Phase Two:  Tour Guide
Location:  Blue Hole city and countryside

Brief Situation:  Lost in the Jade Falcon advance?  We’re here to guide you.

Objectives:  Primary)  Escort Convoy through Jade Falcon lines
                    Primary)  Defend bridge until detonation charges can be planted
                    Secondary)  Link up with stranded mech force

Lyran Forces:  4+ Mechs,  Twenty-two Vehicles,  Eight Battlesuits,  Four Aircraft
                    Aircraft group:  Two Karnovs,  Two Sparrowhawks
                    Commando Force:  Eight Longius Battlesuits
                    Convoy:  Twelve APC’s
                    Escort:  Four Demolishers,  Two Schreks,  Two Partisans,  Two Harassers
                    Mech Force:  One Raven,  One Hollander II,  One Marauder,  One Uziel, plus survivors from phase one
Jade Falcon Forces:  Fifteen Mechs,  Twenty Battlesuits,  Five Vehicles
                     Star One:  One Summoner,  Two Timberwolfs,  One Stormcrow,  One Cougar
                     Star Two:  Two Shadow Cats,  Two Adders,  One Maddog
                     Star Three:  One Warhawk,  Two Nova Cats,  One Stormcrow,  One Maddog,  Five Elementals
                     Vehicle Star:  One Huitzipochtil,  Two Oro,  Two Morrigu,  Five Elementals
                     City Force:  Ten Elementals

Terrain:  City of twenty buildings (one a command/hangar building), outskirts covered with lots of undergrowth and small slopes just tall enough to take cover behind
                     Very mountainous, plenty of passes and valleys to take with stealth and evade in mind
                     For the second half, a small forest barrier to lose bigger targets that ends at a bridge over a canyon too wide for jump jets

Lyran Deployment:  Commandos:  Inside of Karnovs
                                 Aircraft Group:  In air, 30 seconds from touch down
                                 Convoy:  In front of command/hangar in orderly line
                                  Escort:  Parked at nearby city park/parade ground
                                  Mech Force:  In one of the valleys not on direct path to bridge
                                  Survivor mechs:  If any, forest edge overlooking bridge
Jade Falcon Deployment:  City Force:  outskirts of city facing drop off site
                                  Vehicle star:  500 meters into entrance of main mountain pass
                                  Star One:  Patrolling area between main route and stranded mech force
                                  Star Two:  Patrolling area at exit of main mountain pass and the forest without running into the survivor mech force
                                  Star Three:  Patrolling remaining area

Miscellaneous:  Convoy won’t take off until city force is destroyed and player has selected a vehicle
                          The Karnovs and Sparrowhawks will leave map as soon as Battlesuits are unloaded
                          Vehicle Star and Star Two are unavoidable; Stars One and Three can be avoided
                           If Star One is engaged, Mech force will power up and move to link up, otherwise they must be sighted first
                           APC’s are able to fire back and also follow your lead
                           Upon meeting Star Two, all other enemy units will converge on position
                           Once end of forest is reached, Survivors will power up and assist your crossing of the bridge
                           Once convoy crosses, bridge must be defended for two minutes, afterwards cross to other side to finish mission
                            Mission fail if convoy is destroyed or enemy crosses bridge

Phase Three:  Death’s Stage

Lol Situation:  I’m sick and tired of these motherfapping clanners on this motherfapping planet!
Brief Situation:  We’ve done all that can be done here.  Unless you want to try doing more solo, get back to the Dropship for retreat.

Objectives:  Primary)  Return to Dropship for extraction

Lyran Forces:  Four Mechs,  Four Vehicles,  Four Aerofighters,  One Dropship
                    Mech Lance:  One Fafnir,  One Awesome,  One Catapult,  One Raven
                    Vehicle Lance:  Two Shcreks,  One Devastator,  One Partisan
                    Aerofighters:  Two Corsairs,  Two Sparrowhawks
Jade Falcon Forces:  15+ Mechs,  Ten Powersuits,  Six Aerofightes,  One Dropship
                    Binary:  Two Warhawks,  Three Timberwolfs,  One Stormcrow,  Two Maddogs,  Two Ullers
                    Ambush Star:  One Summoner,  Two Shadow Cats,  One Stormcrow,  One Cougar
                    Blockade Force:  Ten Elementals plus up to five mechs from phase one
                    Aerofighter Points:  Three Xerxes,  Three Visigoths

Terrain:  Mostly flatland and forest, plus a huge canyon too wide for jump jets with a bridge
                    A bunker in the forest has an underground tunnel that leads to an auxiliary bridge across the canyon
                    Across auxiliary bridge is a wide valley that gradually leads up to the flatland above
                    Similarly a narrow goat path leads down to the bridge, just wide enough to walk and turn

Lyran Deployment:  Mech Force:  Middle of field two kilometers from bridge
                                 Vehicle Force:  Middle of field two kilometers from bridge
                                 Aerofighters:  In air above Lyran units
                                 Dropship:  Two kilometers behind the bridge
Jade Falcon Deployment:  Binary:  Middle of field so that right flank is facing directly against Lyran forces
                                 Aerofighter Points:  In air above Binary
                                 Ambush Star:  Aboard Dropship
                                 Blockade force:  In valley facing auxiliary bridge
                                 Dropship:  In air

Miscellaneous:  As soon as mission starts, an artillery strike takes out a few random mechs ahead of the binary
                          You have twelve minutes to reach the dropship
                          Before bridge can be crossed, the Jade Falcon dropship flies by and shoots the spans out form it
                          The Ambush Star will jet out of the dropship and flank your force
                          If you take the forest to the tunnel, your vehicles will be safe and you avoid the aerofighters, but you’ll have to constantly battle the advancing Binary
                          If you abandon the vehicles, you can rush for the goat path and be reasonably ahead of the Falcons, but be helpless against the Clan aerofighters
                           If dropship in phase one wasn’t disabled, up to five mechs (or surviving number) will be deployed with the elementals
                          Once auxiliary bridge is reached, battle quickly through the elementals and mechs (if applicable) before the pursuers catch up
                           If dropship isn’t reached in time, mission fails, but you’ll keep fighting until you are killed
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