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Here goes
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:10:13 AM »
Name: Enok
Age: Over 30
Position: Coder
Past Projects: First contact with games dev. but i produce embedded C (and other languages if required) for a living.
Ties to Mechwarrior: MW2 series got me hooked. Love the grittyness. Lately i've been playing MWO but it's lacking the largeness feeling and strategical play. Also, it's getting expensive as hell for a free-to-play ;)
Other commitments: Life! I have work and a house. I don't know what level of commitment i have since it would be my first game dev. assignment but i'm stoked for the game so...
SAMPLES: Not sure how to provide a sample, most of my code work has been professional and those items not things i can spread freely. A few minutes of TeamSpeak chat would probably give you a good idea though.