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Hello everybody. The good news is I have successfuly installed the game, the problem now is automapping. I am not good at this type of thing even though it seems straight forward enough. I use xpadder to convert gamepad commands into keystrokes. Some in game commands , such as strafe right/left will not allow me to assign it to the left stick x axis. I was reading where you can go into the auto mapper and assign axis control. when I try this using 

 (original command)
<action name="v_turnleft" onPress="1" onRelease="1" retriggerable="1">
   <key name="a"/>

 (new command)
<action name="v_turnleft" onPress="1" onRelease="1" retriggerable="1">
   <key name="joyaxis_x"/>

 It applies the command but only seems to go right and sends the command even with out touching the left analog stick. I'm sure I am doing something wrong but I don't have enough knowledge to put in in the correct format I guess. Maybe what I want to do is not possible, either way any help would be much appreciated. thanks

did you try just using the keymapper in the launcher?
it has some gamepad support

yes I did Thunderbird, no go there. I think it's just a matter of scripting iy right, just not sure how.

P.S. is this posting verification system really necessary? Whats the answer to "Solaris": ?

welcome to MW:LL :)

i can't be sure but you might need an alternative action mapper configuration to compare to?

see around here lure few that seem time-tested?

also: assignment of an move to the x axis would mean from 0 to 255,
i would seek asign an pair of moves to an axis, so the mid point (128) is action neutral?

my 2c


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