Author Topic: Chaos March, Public gaming, new members & veterans  (Read 565 times)

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Chaos March, Public gaming, new members & veterans
« on: June 30, 2016, 04:50:28 PM »
I figured maybe we open a topic?

Who has last say in who plays on C.M.?
What are the consequences of having more or less new players on C.M.?
What are the bottom lines?
What we expect of CM, what of pub community?
What we expect of our (few) servers? who populates them? when?

no rant, just a place to gather what serves our goal (fun?) the best.

my opinion (not that I'm asked for one  ;)) :

1. I'm thankful for having been invited to C.M. events, and try my best to make it a worthwhile experience for all.
2. I'm glad to come to a pub game whenever and just "jump in" freely and have/give fun - that's great
3. I like full servers, can't imagine how it feels to have to pick a pub server (more than one alive, let alone full)
4. I regret each and every player leaving, i even miss some banned jerks  :o, that's the way i am i guess  :-X

yet i realize not each and every player is a C.M. material for several reasons:

a. mature enough (kids play this games too...)
b. dedicated enough
c. patient enough
d. have enough spare time at hand

some of above reasons make "wrong" C.M. candidates self excluded
some call for banning

Just be wise not to shed this already scarce community we all come to like?