Author Topic: Newbie guide to HARD-CORE connection issues  (Read 679 times)

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Newbie guide to HARD-CORE connection issues
« on: June 11, 2016, 09:48:13 AM »
that can exist too lads  8)

here link to my 2c HOWTO

this was for the shipped launcher which is also community provided AFAIK.

The later developed Bruno's UDP tool & launcher, which is still under heavy (or is it? ???) development has a different howto here:

Say You got into the game and was directed to this forum and found the Bruno's tool
And are using it; and have issues upon disconnect and/or connecting to servers... 8)

here some notes for the tool:
1. It is a sort of "proxy tool" - it does not control the game in any way nor does it wrap it in any way - it runs "independently" parallel to the game
2. it can start the game (only) passing parameters gathered by it self - player name, server, (pasword yet to be) etc
3. it can't nor won't alter the running game's server or player or anything
4. its intended use is to just keep the local game connected locally (the game doesn't see any network interface besides "loop-back" pseudo interface)
5. to do so, the tool maintains all the external connections by it self and merely "bridges" them to it's internal socket that's flowing to, no more no less, it doesn't even do no login (so far)

form the above we assume a player uses Bruno's tool

a. start the tool
b. (we assume the game is C:\... as per default, otherwise locate game first in the tool's menu)
c. when the server list shows running servers, select one and then click connect
d. if desirable select the proper DX version (DX9 for sub-performing machines only) and arch (64bit only works so far)
e. see who is on the selected server (a field with player status on the right)
f. click Launch button and wait the game to launch

If you don't end in the running game session something went wrong:

Code: [Select]
I. click [`] (below ESC on US layout keyboards)
II. type "connect" then hit [enter]
III. wait a while
when presented by a error window, toggle the console off to read it:
  - map download is to be accepted
  - disconnect errors is to be ignored
  - password errors are to be resolved in console (see below)
IV. repeat from "I" until it "catches" the progress bar to advance (some times as much as seven times in a row)
*. The same applies if suddenly get kicked from the server
*. The same applies if get kicked on map change

a. tool is running in background and game is running in foreground - press [alt]+[tab] together until can see the tool window
b. do click refresh, as the tool does not auto-update
c. pick the server of interest by clicking it
d. on the top left side in bold is the currently connected server
e. click the "connect" button
f. ensure the currently connected server is correct now
g. zap back (by [alt]+[tab] (it's called zapping ;) )) to the game and see the "red X" (that's normal now)
h. [`] open console and type
i. connect (yes we merely re-connect to the same here)
j. if needed repeat as in "I-IV"

(and I'm too lazy to type it many times ::) )
besides that i find the console more user friendly to IP address enter/edit too :o
a. just before the "II" step in console enter this line:
Code: [Select]
sv_password=*****b. replacing the asterisks with the secret password
c. therefrom just do the "I-IV" game

this should about cover it all now?
maybe few screenshots later? ???