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Playing on wine (Linux/GNU) [ONGOING]

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This is:
1. Unsupported by the community, the devs or who ever
2. If You follow any of following instructions You do so on Your own risk and spare time.
3. I warned You so You can't hold me responsible in any case or circumstance that may arise of using this info.
this post will be updated for further reference what works:

Working Linux multilib system with (i use Slackware64 14.2 with added multilib compat32 and wine-staging both are from AlienBOB)

--- Quote ---Mesa v11. or about so (DRI3 and gallium nine capable and enabled)
Kernel 4. or newer with recent Radeon firmwares (the more recent the better for newer Radeons)
Xorg 1.18 or about so for DRI and KMS suport and radeon 7.6 or newer  Radeon driver
Nvidia is usable only with the propriatery driver and CSMT enabled instaed of gallium nine in winecfg
Wine-staging (must be staging) 1.9.15 with d3dx9 patch for gallium nine support (others are either obsolete or non patchable) up to wine-2.13(staging) is tested so far
(how one can tell? well in winecfg there is an "card" lookup below for screenshot and the applicable option option checked)
On a duallib 64bit + compat32 system - the (MW:LL) game so far runs both in 32 and 64 bit mode but as DX9 only
winetricks - to be able to simply instal full directx9 into wine, or any other dependency required

--- End quote ---
Hardware platform (tested on so far):

--- Code: ---VGA: Radeon HD 6770, HD 7730, HD7750, HD7770, GTX650 (and Thunder Bird's radeon)
CPU: 3 core processor of 2.8GHz or better  ( up to quadcore X5460 3.16 @3.0GHz)
RAM: 4GB ram (will check this further)
DISK: ~12GB on "home" where our "wineprefix" resides, + basic OS (~20GB partition) (and 513 MB swap only) (everything seems to fit within ~50GB of total disk space inclusive game downloads etc)
TFT: 1024x768 or 1280x1024 capable monitor - apparently the resolution does not impact much?

--- End code ---


1. The game plays at comparable FPS on Radeon and open drivers, however it gets ever more corruption on the models. The Proprietery drivers of Nvidia do provide flawless graphics, but are noticeably slower than native drivers on Widows?
2. consistent rank; as the Bruno's tool don't work at all - if kicked and restart - rank is intact
3. Server browsing works at the moment in game browser (this is still true)

Tips & tricks:
the autoexec.cfg is not to be touched any more, the proper file is in the "My Games\MWLL\Client\" folder and it's called user.cfg
actionmaps/keymaps work as in windows, as soon the game makes the My Games folder one can generate it's own profile and replace the files with it's custom ones
.wine folder is "invisible" under Linux and has to be navigated "by hand" or enabled (show hidden files) (for newbies)

due to streamlining the community security, the final launcher script is to be obtained at private request only.

PM to me (fire-hound(aka cest73)) or directly Star-Wraith (preferred on discord)).

other than that, all data is in the 1st post now on.

Yours truly

edit: updated to last status
kudos for proofreading :D

stitching it slowly all together  8) :,20685.msg355875.html#new

Really interested in seeing where this goes 8), will follow.

so far what works
1. on officially installed untainted 14.2 Slackware (clean install as per the book)
2. install wine 1.9.15 from AlienBOB found here
3. run

--- Code: ---WINEARCH=win32 winecfg
--- End code ---

this ensures wine is 32 bit. And be sure to check as in images posted below ;)
4. install winetricks
5. run

--- Code: ---winetricks directx9
--- End code ---
despite being warned it's overkill, do so as it won't run by no less than full DX9 :-\
6. navigate to the game on GUI and right click the setup.exe and select open with wine or in that sense

7.copy and save this script:

--- Code: ---#! /bin/bash

#cleaning leftovers from late dinner ;)
killall Crysis.exe
killall -9 Crysis.exe
rm -r ~/Documents/My\ Games/Crysis\ Wars/Shaders/*

# reducing what wine spews at us
export WINEDEBUG=fixme-all

#unconfirmed speed tweak:
#  export thread_submit=true

#we go 32 bit wine, capish?
#  export WINEARCH=win32

# we control which directory we want be runned by the script 
  export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine

#this can really beak things if enabled but try it?
#  export MESA_DEBUG=1

# we the humans check here wht renders our stuff
# if not "Gallium" then it's software = too slow
REND=$(glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer" | awk -F: '{print $2}' | awk '{print $1}')
echo "Renderer:"$REND

#here we do "magic" to run DX9 (only supported so far)
#and tell Srysis we want the MWLL mod not the OEM game :^)

OPT="-dx9 -mod MWLL"
#OPT="-mod MWLL"

#here I cleverly avoid calling the path with my user name :)
  cd "${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis Wars/Bin32"
  #here i cleverly ask to show the path so we see what WINEPREFIX was called

  #here (hopefully) no shit hits the fan, and we land in game menu
  wine "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Wars\Bin32\Crysis.exe" $OPT #&> MWLL_debug.log

  #if uncommented, the last line's comment dumps a log file to the game folder - might prove usefull or a vaste of disk space

xrandr -s 0 # ‘‘last known'' good resolution

--- End code ---
and it starts!
8. install gamespy fix as per install howto
9. now server browsing works also
10. all wait to connect was futile (icmp errors???)
11. typing connect in console futile also ???
12. connect to ip newer failed yet - tiresome though

edit: updated the script and some facts

minor annoyance:
comment out the

--- Code: --- <your hostanme>
--- End code ---
in /etc/hosts to get better networking on the game?

note: this is obsolete


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