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necessary links for any server to advertise (suggestions welcome)


I would strongly advise next links (the fewer the better) in order of importance IMHO:

1. (all is there)

a shortform of url would be nice too.

I think having those URLs advertised in game would help get more players back once got installed and had tryed playing?

Once a crashcourse is made it would be listed too...

To be fair I think having them as server messages wouldn't do too much. Their very easily ignored as it is and if their frequency increases it'd be like so much white noise.

true, ???
we could make less messages and amongst the choosen few be
or like:

--- Quote ---*** 5 players online

--- End quote ---

every once in a while?

Potentially, it's something to take up with individual server hosts at any rate manchengo.

something to have HAARP noted about?  ::)


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