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MWLL Alt. Launcher and getting own server into the list + smth. else

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Hey everyone,

I've got 2 issues here that I need some expert advise on and only one of them seems to be related to the alt. launcher:

1) How do I get my own server to appear in the app server list; and

2) When I host my own server on one of the PCs in the house, my main mwll install on the gaming pc crashes with the message "some files have been modified" (message displayed inside the game interface, after which the game proper crashes) when I try connecting to any of the servers in the app's list. This issue is absolutely certainly confirmed to be related to the server that I am hosting on the same home network, since not even reinstalling mwll solves the issue as long as its running and the issue disappears immediately after I shutdown the dedicated server. What can be happening here?
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Now I have another issue. Server is disappearing from the Alt. Launcher list after some time. What could be causing this? I can't manually connect to it either, when this happens.

Great that you got it working... or did you? :B

Like I said, it appears in the servers list for about 10-15 minutes after I start it, then goes missing. The dedicated server window keeps running, shows map changes and all.


ok. restarted it this morning, an hour and a half into it, still holding in the server list. wonder what was causing it to disappear yesterday?

Well, I guess the important thing is that it works now :)


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