Author Topic: "Your map differs from the one on the Server" when connecting to default maps  (Read 1059 times)

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I just tried connecting to Funbocks, running Death Valley, and got the error message "Your map differs from the one on the Server". It tried downloading TSA Underground, then gave me the same message, and went to download Underground again, and so forth. Haven't found a way to fix it yet but working on it, just thought I'd post it in here already.

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Most of the time the actual issue is that after you dl the map automagically, it can't be installed due to default perms from having been installed / belonging to admin. To fix this you need something like this:

(start command prompt as admin)
cd "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Wars\Mods\MWLL\Game"
cacls  Levels /t /e /g yourusernamehere:f

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in other words:
quit the game
navigate to the maps folder (whle game is stopped - offline)
delete old map folder (TSA_Underground)
extract the new content in it's place
start game (get it back up)

if any more issue:
match permissions to the default maps (check and apply)
all offline
then restart

Some updated maps have files that are missing so old files remain, copies, references.. a mess - this why deletion is mandatory most of times:
i talk from chaos march experience:
had vanilla 0.7.1 and played new maps that required download and the auto-magic was broken

The scripts/game should delete old files to, or make new map names until next release
my 2c