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I come from Asian countries. As our country has a network blockade, I can not use the Alt. Online Launcher MWLL (UDP Forwarder Local), the modified HOST file is not used, I can not connect to your server. We have a game platform similar to the principle of HAMACHI, can give each person a virtual IP。Each virtual IP is 192 * * at the beginning, similar to lan. Can we take advantage of the game platform to build multiplayer online? How to configure, please help us, thank you.

hello and welcome to mwll.
first of all you should give the hostfile solution a try.
a v-lan should work because there is a native lan-mode in this game, but you are then playing isolated from the rest of the remaining community.

Warlord Kentax:
Yes, please try Host file solution.

If the host file doesn't work, yes Hamachi should work. I've never used Hamachi for MWLL, but I heard that some people used to many years ago.

Use Hamachi or LAN gaming allowed software to build the host? , I try similar software in the local area network to establish a host, can not find the host. And, in the game to get the IP address is not VLAN distribution of virtual IP. How to solve?

Warlord Kentax:
This problem may be too difficult for me.

Try sending a message to Bruno_007.


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