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[R.S.] The Republic of the Sphere [English/Serbian]
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:58:22 PM »
[R.S.] The Republic of the Sphere [English/Serbian]
Wants You!

The Republic of the Sphere rose from the ashes of the Word of Blake Jihad. It was founded by Devlin Stone in 3081.[1] Its capital is the city of Geneva on Terra. Part of Stone's vision was to create a time of peace and The Republic helped fulfill that vision by occupying many of the planets that the Successor States had fought over for centuries. Stone also acknowledged that power came from the people, not the government, so he sought to weaken the power of the nobility.

The estimated population of the Republic of the Sphere is 250 billion.

Unit's main location: Serbia Europe (not EU (yet ::) ))
Interested in recruits from overseas: optional (time zone)
Focus of activities: Casual
Main language: Serbian anr/or English better both
Voice server: Team Speak 3 not mandatory (except for chaos MArch events)
Web address: "none yet"
Contact person: fire-hound (cest73) here on forum
How to contact: PM on the forums (weekly check ( :o don't hold Your breath))