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RDL Server
« on: May 01, 2015, 09:54:56 AM »
Hello all.
Well, some long time we have RDL server at server list, but not play on them. However, server provide good connections(stable, minimum "red-x"'s collisions) for european gamers(and asia too). Some better when funbox(30-40 points down).
But! Server had some problems with automatic map downloading... This is a problem to new players(and veterans too ;) ).
Good news guys!
I talk to admins this server and they do something to fix this problem. You can test server at any time and write feedback here. (or RDL forum,2365.msg90967.html#new if you know russian language, of course :) )
I dont know how many ping will be if you live in USA, this is need testing. (but i dont think what different will be too big)

so, welcome to new server!
best regards.

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