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Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« on: July 19, 2014, 09:50:40 PM »

This is from Starchild's Reference on Google Documents
For the rest of his MWLL guide:
Click link in Starchild's Profile.

Maybe someone can post a cleaner guide.  ::)

I am fairly computer savy but it took me a bit to figure this out and the information needed is spread in a several page post.

1 - DOWNLOAD this tool [still work in progress, but works]

Yes, Chrome and Window$ not-so-SmartScreen will bitch about it’s untrusted, but don’t worry, it’s OK, your PC won’t explode (blame Str1k3r if it does :P ) -

2 - Launch the tool, (it will show the server list, too!), put the address of the server you want to join in the IP field, and click “Force IP Update” (Oh, important: if a server address is you must type in “IP” field).

3 - Start MWLL manually (the tool right now is not able to start the 64-bit version of the game), and once it started, open the console by pressing the “tilde” key (~) and type “connect localhost”, then type enter. Wait about 15 seconds, if it fails, then press left-alt+tab, make sure that IP and port you entered in the fields of the tool are correct, then click on “Force IP Update” again, and try to type the same command in the game console

A - If you already started to play, but want to change server, then exit from the current server and go back to MWLL main menu, press left-alt+tab, insert new IP and port in the tool, force IP update, switch back to MWLL and type again “connect localhost” in the console.

B - If you want to connect to a server hosted on your own machine (or any server hosted in your local network), then the solution is simple: just don’t run the tool. Close it if you already started it. Start the server, start the game, open the console and type “connect localhost” or “connect [IP/hostname:port]”.
That’s all.

This guide will be kept updated, as newer versions of this tool could be much more simple to use ;)
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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2014, 03:13:24 AM »
(blame Str1k3r if it does :P )

Tools and I:
   - MWLL Online Launcher (LAN UDP Forwarder) - evolution of past "Le Proof of Concepto" project: connect without Gamespy via packet redirection;
   - Vehicle Browser - "Pocket Wiki" ©okaolias (not really that though);
   - Rconnect 4.3 - Server tools: map manager/player voting add-ons;
   - CryHammer - Validates Patch/CDKey of Crysis Wars (now unable to validate CDKey due to turned off Gamespy servers).

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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2014, 05:21:34 AM »
Maybe someone can post a cleaner guide.  ::)
@everyone: if you have suggestions for my guide, feel free to write them directly in the document (use Suggestion mode of GDocs) ;)

EDIT: Sorry, my guide is not available anymore and I'm not going to republish it. Please stop sending me requests on GDocs.
More info here,20533.msg353482.html#msg353482
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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2014, 10:30:17 AM »
Added an example for IP address.


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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2014, 02:09:53 PM »
I can't use console in game... it required another language setup.

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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2015, 09:19:05 PM »
i dont have a game spy account what do i do about that?

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Re: Post Gamespy Connect Guides
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2015, 11:01:50 PM »
You don't need a Gamespy account now, that service doesn't exist any more anyway.

Bruno has another tool out that allows you to connect to servers:,20534.0.html

It is in that thread. It is what I use and it works fine for me :)