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Re: Mech IP's
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2014, 06:18:51 AM »
Oh, I see a lot of subjects here to talk about. But...

Also, where does Imps approach seem "super hard-core"? Flipping switches by hand seems like a great thing to me - it also ensures that your cockpits are functional and modelled to a certain degree. And, aside from the switches, it didn't seem too "hard-core" to me.

... I want additionally point this out. Because I'm not going to make real-life simulation, my goal is more movie-like simulation.
I'm pretty sure no one knows what real mech pilot is supposed to do, cause we have only one real mech, and it totaly useless in combat situation. But every one could imagine cool things that pilot could do. Yeah, you already did this and mention above: weapon grouping, setting up your personally preffered mech params, controlling damage, switching ammo type (well, hello again, PGI). In addition to bringing potential fun, active cockpit helps to visualise controls and individualise mechs.
So, it's not about realism and hardcore, it's just additional game mechanics like weapon customisation or radar. And I have same position about other aspects of game. Glass cockpit instead of monochrome targeting display, swarms of barely flying missiles instead of one insta-kill tactical charge, almost invulnerable mechs which can't be killed by two guys with RPGs. This all is counter-realism details, but it's fun.

And sorry for offtopic.

Sounds like a cool idea then.  Though a hard-core DCS level or realism would have a market, just a very niche one.  But I would buy it :D
And I don't mind the OT, it's the off topic section after all.  Plus the thread was meant to also discuss mech mechanics from other games so you're fine.

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Re: Mech IP's
« Reply #16 on: June 10, 2014, 01:59:03 PM »
A few I thought of:

Patlabor  1st movie opening 2nd movie opening

This was quite realistic being set in the late 20th/early21st century, the movies had some elements of military action in them.

and Gasaraki:    Apologies for posting a whole episode there, but its got some good action it in from about 3 minutes in. As an IP it has too much magic cobblers in it however the combat scenes are good and have at least some realistic approach.

Shattered Steel: Intro movie there. Mission there.

It was quite similar to earthseige and mechwarrior2 and had a mechlab with varieties of planetrunners and various missile/energy/ballisics weapons to play with.  G-NOME where you fought in armour and could steal people's mechs!

I am more than happy to play a near-future combined arms game featuring big robots, it would be sad to leave the BTech lore but also opens up new possibilities. I am well behind a realisic approach to damage incorporating armour thickness and that kind of stuff, it would be cool to be able to select different ammo types for weapons. Some modern real world autocanons have incredibly complicated munitions available to them with all kinds of range-settable airbursting functions and that kind of thing, it would be awesome to see that impemented in a game, even moreso one with mechy things in it.

Realistic ECM would be interesting, actual ones used now can do all kinds of clever signal processing to make radars think your machine is somewhere it isn't among other things.

I'd also like the ability to have some effect operating as infantry and be able to eject from a damaged asset and keep fighting in some respect, something I do love about MWLL.

Unfortunatley my programming-fu is weak and I have more chance of making a real mech than being able to contribute anything more useful than concept scribbles to an actual game ;) I did buy a Founders Pack though so dangle something fun in front of me and i'll almost certainly throw money at it  ::)