Author Topic: Test of Strength on pubs: lets make it fun.  (Read 1238 times)

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Test of Strength on pubs: lets make it fun.
« on: August 26, 2013, 08:23:43 PM »
Today i played something like 6 hours with Ivaan and other folks on ToS server with some custom settings.
Settings were:
- timelimit 15min;
- starting cash 200000 cbills.

It was pretty fun and felt like semi competitive mode similar to competitive drops game model.
- player must plan his purchases including repair and rearm (lost arm is painful for example);
- gamemode requires some coordination, especially when your team need to adjust tactic to beat opponent;
- fast fights with quick map rotation (2-3 clashs, next map);

- if all players pick assaults from the beginning game become pretty boring slugfest;
- tricky tactics can catch opponents off guard pretty easily (like mass ASF or something like that). Team needs scouts and some reserves to counter it, do not think  this kind of coordination is possible on pubs.

I feel like mech class limitations can fix game mode, but its not possible for now. Do you guys have any idea how we can make this game mode fun with standard server tools? First suggestion i got was reduce starting cash from 200k to 100k and remove cash transfer limits (it is possible in league mode).

Some weird examples to think about:
- long range Daishi and Faf with some heavy supports wrecked heavy\med mechs during 20min nonstop push. Dashi died (got no cash for repair, gone YOLO mod). Final score was surprisingly close but do not think that game was fun for other side (the got only 2 kills dieing left and right under fire of those top tier assaults);
- med\heavy team get completely wrecked by 4 RAC5 Fafnirs on TC_Inferno. For second wave loosing team chooses dual UAC20 Mauler with support of 3 heavy tanks and completely annihilated all Fafnirs (it was sooo satisfying lol) and won a game.
- Heavy\Assault group get wrecked by HGauss shiva without any participation from other part of its team. That's it :D.

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Re: Test of Strength on pubs: lets make it fun.
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 10:04:20 PM »
As long as there are maybe two players with a bit of experience on each team, this might work. But even then you have to expect that they are going for a "one purchase only"-strategy. Resulting in nothing but the most expensive assets being played. After all, why should they assume their opponents to act differently? Without good communication, this gamemode may not be more varied than a traditional ToS.

One problem I noticed was the timer: Either the round was just a little bit short for that second (maybe even third) encounter, or there were a couple of minutes left at the end where nothing interesting happened. The latter was sometimes circumvented by the fact that you spawned with your ranks cbills after the 200k were gone. But at the same time, that undermined the principle of the gamemode since you basically have infinite money.

The fast map rotation was a real plus. We must have played on 15 different maps, half of which I had never played on before. And even if something overly familiar or even disliked came up: It would be over within 15 minutes!

Overall I'm not sure how this gamemode would hold up in a real pub game. As we played it today, however, it was great fun. Especially since other gamemodes would have become very boring with only four to six active players at the same time.
The amount of fun *I* personally had might be influenced by the fact that I hadn't seriously played in a long time. Teaming up with Ivaan again to produce tons and tons of metal wreckage, having some decent opponents with the right attitude...those have always been the things that made MWLL fun for me. Hence I may be biased when I say that I like the gamemode.