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Re: Chat On/Off
« Reply #15 on: February 05, 2013, 10:48:37 PM »
Because they had to stop development? Did you even read the front page?
No shit Dick Tracy, it's not really development though.

Maybe they should get in legal trouble just for you because you want to coddle your child from harsh words on the internet. If your afraid of your kid reading bad words in a chat box you should really just lock him in a dark cage in your basement away from humanity because people talk shit every day both in the real world and everywhere on the internet. Stop sheltering your child and just let him play the damn game.
Pricks like you are the reason i don't want my son to read the crap you type. How I raise my well behaved children is NONE of your concern and a request to turn people like you off is VERY reasonable. Personal feelings, I'd have slapped you open handed bitch style before you got that out of your mouth.

Your never gonna get your profanity filter because they cant make the goddamn game anymore and you've already been told how to turn it off. Stop being a lazy coddling faggot. Either turn off the whole interface to hide the chat or just realize that people talk shit and you should stop sheltering your child. A few bad words here and there aren't any reason to stop playing mwll. So either stand over his shoulder like a compulsive creeper or just get over it.

Why can't the psychopaths of the world just shoot people like you instead of children and movie go'ers? I hope you either don't have or never have children of your own as it seems you'd make a really craptastic father! People like you have heathens for kids who wind up causing trouble. If you had kids or have kids, it would be sad to think you care so little about them. I hope you get hit by a school bus full of children someday and they all laugh at you for it.

As for "Sheltering my kids", I don't, but I do wish to limit their exposure to people like this who only think of themselves and who cause issues. My kids learned about swearing from a very early age and know it's wrong, however my children don't know about anal sex, masturbation, gay love and all the other "Fun" yet inappropriate shit that is said in chat, nor do I want them to at their young ages. As a loving, caring, and encouraging father it's my right to ask for an on/off switch in the mod I help to alpha test or any other game that has such douchebaggery flying around in chat. I teach my children, I care for them, I raise them and I don't want them to learn things at to young of an age, especially from people like you!
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Re: Chat On/Off
« Reply #16 on: February 06, 2013, 02:31:42 AM »
You may be able to set an autoconfig file setting that will override the colour of the chat text and set it to something really dark so it would be difficult to see against the background.

You might experiment with the hud_colorText setting.

Sadly there does not appear to be a cvar to disable chat outright, but as other have mentioned you might be able to make it flash by quickly and be more difficult to discern.

Read up on the complete cvar for Crysis 2 list here:  Most of them are backwards compatible for original Crysis/Wars.

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Re: Chat On/Off
« Reply #17 on: February 06, 2013, 03:12:10 AM »
I think the options have all been posted, so i am locking this to prevent a flame fest.

If anyone else has a working suggestion, feel free to PM the OP or myself and i will post it here

I'd like to take a moment to appeal to common sense here folks

The reason i ended up putting a language filter on my clan server in mercs, was because of an incident where one of our younger clan mates was playing one day when their parent decided to take an interest in what they were doing. On seeing some of the stuff being said in chat he was told he couldnt play anymore.

I was able to get a provisional lifting of that, by promising we would moderate the bad language etc on our server and he got to keep playing but only on our server (and 2 other servers who likewise used the language filters)

So i ask is the right to free expression more important than cost of losing a few younger players ?
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