Author Topic: MWLL Playground-US: Thu 29., Sat 01., Sun 02. Nov/Dec 2012 6:00 p.m. UTC-6 / CST  (Read 2263 times)

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Can't find any servers to play on? You want to play MWLL, but no one's online? Read on!

Check out this handy link if you are unsure what time the session starts in your timezone:

How to do it: Just join one of the US-based servers at this time. I expect the players online at this time to figure it out by themselve which US server to populate ;)
Pro-Tip: The TLL servers have been updated to the latest MWLL version.
Once you have joined and the server is still fairly empty, just stay on the server! Others will follow shortly, so just alt-tab for a few minutes and do something else while the server fills.
In the time until the event, all players are encouraged to advertise it whenever they play MWLL! The more the merrier ;)

Thanks to the server administration for keeping up their server! It's much appreciated by the MWLL community!

Please post here in this thread if you know you will participate and on which days. I will update the list every day.

Teamspeak is optional but encouraged:
Outreach, no password,14352.0.html
Once connected to Outreach, scroll all the way down to the "Bulldog" channel, you should see some of us in there :)

Pilot roster THURSDAY NOVEMBER 29:

  • (TLL)CapperDeluxe


Pilot roster SUNDAY DECEMBER 2:

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I think he just wants to make absolutely sure US-based players are/stay aware of this.
I mean, with US players complaining that regular events are only on an EU server, he promptly organizes a separate event for US players, whereupon *crickets* in the US events ???, so apparently there's need for a bit of advertising.

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Yes indeed ;)

I hope it's not too late to save the US player population ;)

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The boards are slow enough, no need to bump threads that haven't even fallen off the page yet.

While there are apparently some users that browse the forum via "boards"... I'd assume that most simply use "Show unread".

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forget this post, wrong threat...