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experienced C++ game programmer / potential sound developer
« on: November 03, 2012, 10:56:34 PM »
Hey there. I'm interested in helping out.

MWLL is an extremely impressive mod. It's good enough to be a whole game in itself, in my opinion. I'm impressed both by the professionalism shown in the work, and by the mature attitude of the people I find on the servers, especially when it comes to teamwork and cooperation which is sadly rare in the online gaming world. The way the game positively rewards teamwork and punishes individual play (if you run off on your own, you're toast) is excellent.

My special interest would be the new-user experience. My first few hours were helped enormously by being on a Skype call with Taltos, which made the first few hours of play way less overwhelming. The learning curve on this game is steep. I have a number of ideas about ways to make it less difficult for beginners to learn, things like a filtering system for the asset purchase interface (eg 'only show me mechs that have rockets', 'show me mechs that are good for sniping', 'show me mechs that are good all-rounders' etc.), as well as other helpful GUI overlays such as explanations of all the acronyms, and/or even an entire training mode perhaps with dummy targets for practise? Would be interested to see if/how I could put some of these into action. I started a thread about it here:,18676.msg331094.html#msg331094.

Short version:

Name: Damian Stewart (damian0815)
Age: 31
Position: Programmer (C++, misc scripting languages, a little Actionscript) / Sound
Past Projects: C++ programmer for 2 years in a Playstation2/Xbox/PC game studio in early 2000s ( Long time user of generative source sound environment Pure Data; contributer for the last 5 years to openFrameworks:; software/hardware based artworks, some using computer vision (all software developed with C++), a couple of iphone applications
Ties to Mechwarrior: Honestly, not a lot to Mechwarrior particularly. A friend introduced me to Mechwarrior 1 or 2 in the early/mid 90s, but I never got very much into it. I know Taltos from openFrameworks in Vienna and he told me about it... The MWLL community seems very strong and full of mature people, compared to most other online games. Playing MWLL reminds me of playing Quake2 CTF in the late 90s when I was a member of a clan in New Zealand, I really enjoy the strong teamwork that the game rewards.
Other commitments: Sound leader on openFrameworks; married ;-)
Skype username: damiansnz

Long version:

I have been programming for a very long time, mostly in C++ including two years in a Playstation2/Xbox/PC studio in a team with 6 other C++ devs, but I've picked up a bunch of other languages along the way. I'm a core contributor to the openFrameworks project. I write very high-quality code, see my github profile at Stackoverflow profile is . My 'day-job' lately consists mostly of freelance iOS development; before that I was making bespoke interactive systems for museums and one-off exhibition projects

I understand you're also looking for Flash/Actionscript developers to help with the front-end. I have a little bit of experience with this as well, but only very little, however I am happy to lend a hand if I can.

I also have a bunch of experience making music for a long time, mostly with Pure Data, Cubase and Ableton Live. Although I don't have any experience with game audio, I could be be interested in pushing this through to making sounds, especially if there was some way to make them generative in the game engine itself...

So. That was long. Let me know if it sounds like a match...
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Re: experienced C++ game programmer / potential sound developer
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 03:20:55 PM »
Hi Damian, sorry for slow reply. Ill try to grab his excellency the Ingrater to contact you. For further details ill contact you via pm.

Best regards, Vlaad