Author Topic: Has anyone tried setting up a MWLL server LAN mode then had players VPN in ?  (Read 1603 times)

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There is an articular on PC perspective called " Video Games do not want to be art?"
Its basically about the death of games due to aging operating systems etc and it got me thinking about the future of MWLL the game.
If Crytech ever decided to pull the plug on Crysis Wars could we still play?
Is there a way to preserve a playable future for MWLL?
The LAN element would still be available, but how would players from all over the world connect?
There used to be some software called Hamachi and it allowed LAN gaming over the internet, its basically a VPN type arrangement and I was wondering if any one has tried this type of setup?
Players can make maps/content from now till eternity, but will privately administered servers be around for us to play?
Windows 2003 etc allows 100+ VPN connections Linux is the same I believe.
I am looking at testing this type of setup with Win 2003/Linux and a router based VPN can anyone see any problems with this or have any advise?


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Its an excellent point, and one ive raised myself.

I think some thought should go into just how we could setup and host an alternative matching service should the official one go down.
I saw it happen in mercs.
At the time Mektek set up an alternative service, which was running on an old 286 PC in jehosophats basement.

If it were up to me, i would research and build such an alternate service, and include a tab in the launcher to point to it in case of emergency.
That way everyone has the option to use it, and we dont get caught on the hop
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