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Companys in the BT universe
« on: March 29, 2008, 07:07:25 PM »
Hello everyone,

this may be a crosspost to a thread in Mektek Forums, but i really need some help regarding the BT universe. Plz pardon my bad english. My Nickname in any sort of games was always Malte-X, so in BT i had an interest in getting all th informations regarding the maltex corporation. Plans are to make a Campaign for MC2 and build up a storyline which is a Canon as possible. Biggest question remains, how does a mech company in the bt universe works. All the Successor States may be different in terms of capitalism, like comparing the draconis combine to the lyran commonwealth, (for my storyline will work with dracs and davion (Planets errai and nirasaki)), but in neither state the meh companys can be completly free. I mean it wouldn't make sense if a Mech Company from the Davions would build and sell Mechs to the Liaos etc. So they can't be completly independent. My question now: What kind of influence is going on, are the Companys part of the military (Luthien Armor works SHOULD be, at least the draco manufacturas may under control of politics) or semi independent? Which sources i may use? If anyone could help me out, even with hints (cuz i own a really big BT libary) i would appreciate,

thx in advance,

PS:I want more Thugs, Hatamotos and Wyverns in BT Computer Games, at least MC2 has the Assassin

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Re: Companys in the BT universe
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2008, 06:12:35 AM »
The best place to find info about companies in Battletech is probably the House Books.  You can find text only .pdf documents of the old House Books set in 3025 at Classic the official Classic Battletech website.  Each of the House Books has a section on major companies found in that House.  Keep in mind that these books are quite old and thus full of stuff that has been retconned, intentionally or not.

If you want newer information there are the new House Books set just before the Jihad.
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