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Welcome to MechWarrior: Living Legends
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:49:28 PM »
Welcome to MechWarrior: Living Legends

1.   What it is Mechwarrior Living Legends
2.   Battletech Universe
3.   Combined arms
4.   Installation
5.   The Game
6.   Assets, equipment, weapons and tips

1 What is MechWarrior: Living Legends   

               Mechwarrior Living Legends (MWLL) is a total conversion modification for Crysis Wars. MWLL is at its very core a mix between a First Person Shooter (FPS) and a Simulation (SIM)."  It is a combined arms approach for the  BattleTech Universe.


2 BattleTech Universe     

   BattleTech ("BT" for short) is a science fiction universe and media franchise, in which the central theme of is conflict. BattleTech's fictional history covers the approximately 1150 years from the end of the 20Th century to the middle of the 32nd. Mankind has spread to the stars and spawned titanic stellar empires, controlling hundreds of worlds across a thousand light years. There are two Great sides/Factions, each one having several small factions: The Inner Sphere and The Clans.
Inner Sphere
   The inner Sphere, heart of BattleTech Universe, contain all worlds within 500 light-years of Terra. It is dominated by five "Great Houses": , House Liao, House Marik, House Steiner and House Kurita. . (The term "Inner Sphere" sometimes refers to these houses collectively). The leader of each Great House claims to be the rightful successor to the rule of the Star League, and so their nations are known as the Successor States).
   During the Fall of the aforementioned Star League, the Star League Defense Force exiled itself and eventually settled in the Deep Periphery. They reformed into the Clans, a warrior-centric caste society relying on genetic manipulation and artificial birth. The four strongest of these Clans returned to the Inner Sphere as would-be conquerors in 3049, were reinforced by three more Clans a year later, and were joined in the late 3060s by another two. Of the original twenty Clans, by 3067 three were absorbed, two were annihilated, two fragmented, two defected, and one was abjured. The Clan Occupation Zones together occupy a region roughly equivalent to one of the Successor States.
   The BattleTech universe is largely rooted in real-world physics, but some key premises of the universe are science fiction in that they seem to defy the laws of physics as they are currently known. These include super-efficient fusion engines that supply vast amounts of power from relatively small and compact devices, starship thrust drives that outperform any currently known thrusters technology, and Kearny-Fuchida Drive technology that allows for faster-than-light travel and communication.
   In the Conflict part, there are no shields, but there are Lasers, Particle Projector Cannon (PPC), Gauss Rifles, Ballistic and missile weapons. The most glaring mismatches are weapon ranges in BattleTech, which are mere fractions of the ranges easily achieved with similar weapons in the real world, and the perceived size and performance of computers.
   Those weapons can be mounted on Combat Vehicles (Tanks, Hovercrafts), Aerospace Fighters, VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) craft, Battle Armor (infantry) and the iconic Battlemech.
BattleMechs: A basic premise of BattleTech is the evolution of the BattleMech as a superior war machine. Driven by human pilots with the help of neurohelmets, Mechs are gigantic humanoid walking tanks that imitate human movement patterns which makes them easier to control (as they can be used like super-large battlesuits) and supposedly gives them a significant advantage in mobility and versatility over other vehicles.

If you want to know more about the universe, you can go to:

3 Combined arms    

   Combined arms is an approach to warfare which seeks to integrate different branches of a military to achieve mutually complementary effects (for example, using infantry and armor in an urban environment, where one supports the other, or both support each other).
   In this game, you can play one from  the following: Combat Vehicles (Tanks, Hovercrafts), Aerospace Fighters, VTOL craft, Battle Armor or Battlemech.



Aerospace Fighters

VTOL craft

Battle Armor


More detailed info at the UNITS section of:
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MWLL is balance: Mechs get legged, Hovers flip over, tanks get stuck and planes get eaten by the runaway
Welcome to MWLL

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Re: Welcome to MechWarrior: Living Legends
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2012, 03:49:46 PM »
4 Installation   

MOD EDIT: This procedure is extremely outdated! Please follow THIS LINK for the updated one!

   To install this mode you will  need the Crysis Wars  game. Crysis Wars comes with Crysis Warhead or Crysis maximum edition as a separate install. With luck, you can buy it for 5$
   Install Crysis Wars and Make sure it is patched to the latest version 1.5.
   Next you will need to make a Gamespy account if you don't have one. t is easy to do. If you don't have it - run Crysis Wars and create an account under Multiplayer section. After validating your GameSpy account use your GameSpy nickname and password to create the Profile in Crysis.
               - The creation of the Gamespy account can fail without any indication as to why. This is often due to your email provider not being accepted. You can try putting (gibberish) as the email address and it should work (unless someone else already used the exact same one :P) It does not verify the email address.
It can also be due to other things (certain symbols in the name not accepted, started with a number, a censored phrase in the name/email, etc).

If you don't have .NET Framework - Download  |  Direct download . MWLL requires at least version .NET 3.5 SP1 (.NET 4.0 will be required later).

   Now for the MWLL installer.Download the MWLL installer from one of the mirrors listed on the official download page.
Torrent files are blocked on my connection, will there be a direct download option?

   After downloading, run the application and Setup of Beta 0.6. Once installed it will launch the auto updater which will install the latest full version of MWLL 0.6.0.
Please continue to run the updater until no further updates are found.
   Make sure you can join games in plain Crysis Wars Multiplayer: Setting up Gamespy  account for multiplayer.
   Start Crysis Wars without MWLL loaded.
   Click multiplayer, then internet. Enter your CD-Key if asked and proceed to create a new gamespy ID of you choosing. It is recommended, after entering multiplayer lobby, to press "account" button in the top right and check "save password" and "login automatically" options there.
   Try to connect to a PunkBuster enabled server.
   Exit Crysis Wars.
You should be able to log into MWLL multiplayer with the gamespy ID you created.
When you try to enter a server/join multiplayer, you may have a error:
Which "Server Authentication" ?

Server Authentication (1) - Wrong server password
Server Authentication (2) - Your PunkBuster is either outdated or corrupt!
Server Authentication (3) - Your CD-Key is corrupt!
Server Authentication (4) - You are not logged in!

If (1) you will need the correct password for the server that it is locked by the administrator of that server.

If (2) you will need to make sure that PunkBuster is updated for Crysis, though for MWLL you will need to disable PunkBuster.

If (3) you will need to re-enter your CD-Key. (See infra)
[Crysis Wars Hard-Copy] Server Authentication Failed (3)

Add CD-Key via the Tools application
1. Go to "..\My Documents\My Games\" and delete the whole "Crysis Wars" folder.
2. On the Crysis Warheads DVD open the folder "Tools" and double click on "Crysis_Warhead(R)_code.exe".
3. Re-Enter your CD-Key in capital letters and click "OK".
4. Launch Crysis Wars and create a new Profile.
5. Test to see if the Key has been successfully installed by joining a Multiplayer game with Punkbuster enabled.
   If you can't connect because of bad CD Key issue from Steam or other,  you may have o ask for a new serial/key from Steam/EA, but before you do that do a little test to make sure the problem is the key with this tool:    

   After successfully running Crysis Wars on server online, you can run the MWLL.
   Start the game through the MWLL Launcher. Ensure you have a working Internet Accounts with GameSpy before trying to play online. When you start the game, it shows  a black screen for more time than usual on other games, be patient, it can take a few minutes for the intro.
Select Profile
Select Multiplayer
Select Internet Game (for having a faster logon you may click remember Password and check Autologon on)
Select a Server with low ping

 After picking side you may hide or display the map and spawn point selection with [M] key. Buy menu is called with [,] (comma). You can enter the unit by pressing [F] key when pop up shows.

   There is also on the launcher, a Repair option for corrupted game files/installations.
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MWLL is balance: Mechs get legged, Hovers flip over, tanks get stuck and planes get eaten by the runaway
Welcome to MWLL

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Re: Welcome to MechWarrior: Living Legends
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2012, 03:49:56 PM »
5 The Game   

   So your game works and you selected a server to join. You may need to download the map (new maps are always appearing, or new versions of maps), so click yes for download. After you have download it, the map starts. On "spectator mode" you can use "Tab key" to see the game score and "M" key to select side. Once you chose IS (Inner Sphere) or Clan (both sides have access t the same vehicles/weapons) a "interactive" minimap will appear, where you can see the terrain layout, and more important, the bases. Choose the base where you want to spawn (some bases have hangars where you can buy vehicles, other bases the only option you have  is to go as BA (Battle Armor). After you click on the base of your choice the minimap will close, you will have to click several times with your mouse button to make the "spawn timer" appear, wait for the time to reach 0 and you are alive to play.
   There are screens with tips where you spawn (green ones).

Full keymap is on your installation, in ...\Crysis Wars\Mods\mwll\Documentation\UserControlMap.pdf

Most needed/used keys:
Y- General chat
U- Team chat
, - Buy menu on hangar, spawn point
. - auto buy ammo for selected weapon
F- Ejection from mech/vehicle or to enter one, for a mech you will need to be near the "head"/cockpit to enter- recommed that you rebind this key to prevent acidenal ejection in combat/typing
Arrow keys and enter- change weapons groups (upper right of screen)
Left Shift- Boost for vehicles, thruster for air units and MASC for the mechs that have it
Left Control-Deploy vehicles and mechs for less lock time and needed to fire the Long Tom
Right Control- To give money to other players, use arrow keys and enter after
J- Sells Vehicle if you are on hangar, to a max of 70% from buy price, less damaged
Spacebar- Jump for BA and mechs with jump-jets (JJ)
R- radar on/off
P- Power down/up (power down in mechbay to repair)
O- Shutdown override
E- nearest enemy
T- Changes enemies
Z- zoom
C- Coolant
M- Opens/close Map
\ or the key left to "1" - opens console window

Mouse buttons control weapons groups fire (or 1 to 6 number keys), but mouse button 1 fires selected weapon group.
   As BA, Mouse 1 fires current weapon, mouse 2 throws Grenades, mouse 3 changes grenade type, key 2 changes weapon if you have two weapons and key 3 selects Short missiles launcher (don't forget to change to the other weapons pressing 2 after you fire the 2 missiles, they will reload in 30 seconds).


Now, about game. The game currency are C-bills. You can earn C-bills by doing damage to the enemy, killing one or if you complete some game objectives (capture points on Terrain control).
   Each asset has it cost, the more money you have, the more powerful are the assets you can buy. You start on with the lowest rank available, with 49000 C-bills. By doing damage you earn score to gain the next rank, which gives more starting C-Bills on respawns. If the amount of earned money is greater than amount of respawn C-Bills, than the player will keep his/her higher amount, otherwise they will be stocked up to the minimum of the players given rank.  So shot at everything because if someone else kills it, you will earn some C-bills for the kill. You can also use C3(shares radar information with other players) ,TAG or NARC for a small amount of C-bills.

   There are several game modes, you can see them before selecting a server. They are  Team Solaris Arena, Test of Strength, Solaris arena and Terrain control:

Team Solaris Arena or TSA is a game mode based on the struggle of two teams against each other, where players can earn C-Bills by damaging or destroying enemy units. Two opposing teams, the Inner Sphere and Clans fight as long as the map timer is set for and the team with the highest score wins the match. This game mode resembles the Team Deathmatch game mode in most First Person Shooter multiplayer games.

Test of Strength, or ToS is a Team Battle mode limited to 2 opposing teams. Players start out with a limited amount of C-Bills, which can be adjusted by the server; it's normally enough to allow players access to most Mechs and Vehicles. In ToS, it is impossible to earn additional C-Bills during the course of the battle, and as such, it is a much more tactical Game Mode then the current Team Solaris Arena. Players can still Rank up according to damage dealt and kill count, but this brings none of the additional benefits normally associated with higher Ranks.
This Game Mode currently runs on Team Solaris Arena maps.

Solaris Arena is a free for all deathmatch style game mode that first appeared in MW:LL 0.5.0. It has a recommended player limit of 16 players per map and features George Ledoux reprising his role of Duncan Fisher from MechWarrior 4.
In this game mode players earn score to increase their rank, which in turn gives them more money at each respawn. Score is awarded mostly for damage dealt.
Generally speaking, any asset that is most effective at 0-300m shines in this game mode, while medium range assets can be effective if used by experienced players. Long range assets like fragile snipers and artillery find themselves mostly useless and at the mercy of their enemies.

Terrain Control is a ticket based team oriented game mode that was added in MWLL 0.4.0
The two teams Inner Sphere and Clan fight over a series of capture points to drain the enemy teams tickets. Once a team runs out of tickets, or the timer runs out and it has the lower amount of tickets left, it loses the game.
Most of the combat takes place inside or around the capture points, which are mostly bases, outposts or similar built up areas, often protected by walls and automatic turrets. Due to this a lot of emphasis is put on close quarter combat and weapons like SRMs and large AutoCannons gain importance here, while LRMs and Arrow IVs lose much of their usefulness.
Many of the capture points have Hangars and Repair Pads in their vicinity, giving the defender a severe advantage if the attacker only engages them in a long range slugging match.

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MWLL is balance: Mechs get legged, Hovers flip over, tanks get stuck and planes get eaten by the runaway
Welcome to MWLL

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Re: Welcome to MechWarrior: Living Legends
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6.             Assets, equipment, weapons and tips

But before, lets find out someone to play with.
How many players in your time zone? Click in the image for more info:

More detailed information on server population and current map
MWLL individual server population and map

Voice chat
In game voice chat is awful, to be nice. If you play with friends or just want to talk to someone don't use the in game voice chat, use Teamspeak or Ventrilo
Theres a general server on TS3, that have some use on MWLL and have room for everyone

Outreach: Mechwarrior Living Legends Community Teamspeak 3 server
No password needed

Now, a closer look to the assets you can pilot, weapons and equipment.

This is the infantry of MWLL. Battlearmor have a high power jetpack (regen when not using) for getting around,  continuous health and armor regen (if not moving and crouch its regen faster). Small size and low radar profile. Your equipment consist on a 350 m radar, Standard optics for zoom- in and Night Vision)
 BA weapons are essentially scaled down versions of standard Mech weapons:
A pair of short-range missile launchers that recharges every 30 seconds, infinite ammo
Two primary weapons slots, but Dedicated Battle Armor weapons cannot be taken on BattleMechs, VTOLs, Fighters, or Vehicles (excluding the APC, Armored Personal Carrier). You can only enter a asset with 1 not dedicated primary weapon.  You can chose from:
SBL-Default BA weapon, can enter a vehicle without losing it, 300 m range
AC2- Can enter a vehicle without losing it, 1200 m range, terrible recoil, use in short burst unless the target is near (less then 80m)
Tag- Range 600m, serves as a beacon to friendly missiles
MHL- Very powerful beam laser, but short range of 175 m. Dedicated BA weapon
MPPC- range of 450m, but can hit for much less damage to 550m. Recoil throws the BA back when fired. Good damage.
Bear AC- Only do damage to BAs, 100 m for this rotary cannon (gatling).
Flamer- 100 range, heat damage only.

The BA can carry tree types of grenades (they "stuck" to a enemy mech or vehicle, small timer before explosion):
C8- Explosive type, good damage, small radius of explosion. Can carry 8 max
Inferno- Napalm/flame Grenades, great against BA, great radius of explosion (10m). Can carry 5
Narc- Plants a narc on target, for 60 seconds. Can carry 3
There a grenade throw bug that can affect BA, preventing the use of grenade and 1 weapon. To fix/prevent this try:
Opening and closing the map (default: M)
The other can be caused when spawning at an APC and is solved by throwing a C8 before switching to any other grenade.
At the APC, after you exit it, re-enter the apc and leave.

BA have poor armor , but they're tiny and very mobile, making them very annoying and very dangerous., especially if enemies don't give the attention to them. Swarms of BA can kill Assault mechs very quickly. When you bail out of a mech, you are in your Ba.

Wheeled and treaded armed ground vehicles. They control pretty much identically
to Battlefield 2 and Crysis tanks, though their weaponry and heat works in the same way as
Mechs. Also includes the APC, which is a mobile spawnpoint for BA and you can resupply your ammo there. Generally, tanks are cheaper than Mechs but are somewhat slower, less maneuverable, hard to drive off-road,  but they can carry powerful weapons for less C-Bills.

Hovercraft are extremely fast and maneuverable, but they're unstable at high speed and have poor armor. They rely on their speed to stay out of the harm way while searching for a shots on distracted enemies. Use the left shift  to active the boost/turbo.

 Control similar to helicopters, and function as a harassment and scouting asset. Paper armor but superior maneuverability.

Aerospace Fighters (ASFs)
 Jet fighters. They serve as bombers, scouts, and anti-air. They can quickly zip across the battlefield to attack specific targets, and flee at a moments notice. Mounts decent armor, but certain weapons will critically damage them in a single burst.


The king of the battlefield. Battlemechs can be adapted to serve any role, have large amounts of armor, superior maneuverability (they aren't limited to roads as the tanks) and they are impressive to behold on the battlefield. Battlemechs are divided into 4 weight categories:
Lights: . Less than 35 tons. Generally scouts and light harassment units. Poor armor but superior speed.
Mediums: From 40 to 55 tons. Generally used for harassment and for specialized roles. Average armor and good speed.
Heavies: From 60 to 75 tons. Generally used for frontline duty. Good armor and slow/average speed.
Assaults: From 80 to 100 tons.Generally used for support and line-breaking. Extreme armor and slow speed.

Technology base

There are two factions in MWLL, the Inner Sphere and the Clans.
Inner Sphere technology is inferior to clans, but it is cheaper, have more support and numbers and some unique units ( artillery unit, the Long Tom for example).
For now, in MWLL either team can buy either faction's weapons and vehicles, some Clan assets and weapons were "nerfed"(less damage, less armor, less speed or higher cost) for Balance reasons. In a near future some balance will be achieved and "puretech" matches can be played.
In most cases, Clan assets have better weapons(range, rate of fire, damage but more heat), speed, are mostly bases on energy weapons and missiles, they are the only ones with ATM(advanced Tactical Missile) but have less armor and cost more. The Inner Sphere assets are slower, less range, mostly based on ballistic ad missiles, have rotary cannon, have more armor and are cheaper.


BA weapons are identically to modern shooting games.
Vehicle weaponry is set in groups, with each group controlling a weapon or several weapons. For instance, if I have a laser in group 1 and a machine gun in group 2, firing group 2 will only fire the machine gun, whereas firing group 1 fires the laser. Groups can be modified on the fly with the Arrow keys and Enter. Additionally, you can set your weapons to fire in either "Group" (the default, fires all weapons in a group when button is pressed) or "Chain fire" (fires one gun from the group with every mouse press) mode with the \ key (depending on keyboard, its one of the keys near the "enter" key. Pressing Z will flip through zoom levels so you can easily see the enemy.


Firing vehicle weapons generates excess heat. If your vehicle runs hot it will automatically shut down to cool off (Though you can override this with O, and restart the vehicle with P if you do shut down). If it reaches critical temperature (999*C) your vehicle's fusion reactor will start to go critical and heavily damage your vehicle, it can even killing you. Lasers generate huge amounts of heat, missiles generate average heat, and ballistics generate almost no heat. Additionally, braking your mech with X or using your jumpjets will create heat. Certain weapons will cause your mech to heat up, like the Flamer and PPC. Flushing coolant (C) will cool down your mech

Buying, repairing and reloading/rearming

Buying a vehicle just requires you to be in a buy zone (Mech bay, VTOL pad, Aerospace hangar); press "," to open the buy menu, then click your choice.
You repair by shutting down your asset in its mechbay inside the hangar (Mech hangars for tanks, mechs, and hovercraft) or in a repair station on some bases. You'll need some cash for repairs, and lost arms and external hardpoints cannot be restored.
Reloading/rearming is done by opening the Buy menu (.) and switching to the "Ammo" tab, then buying the ammo of your choice. Tapping "," will automatically reload all your guns, and buy ammo for the weapon that's currently selected.

GTA, MWLL version

Tanks, hovercrafts, VTOLs and ASF can't be hijacked, but to steal a enemy mech and make it our new ride is the goal. If a player ejects a mech powered up, it will destroy the cockpit component and any BA can enter the mech and pilot it, being a friendly one or a enemy one. If you power down before leaving the mech, only other friendly BAs can enter the mech. But there is another way to destroy the cockpit component, by fire at  the mech head/cockpit it is possible to destroy it. Of course, if the mech is being piloted by a player, when you destroy the cockpit you and directly hit the BA inside the mech to kill the player. Once the cockpit is destroyed and empty, you can steal the mech for your use or sell for salvage.


Armor works very differently per asset, so I'll list each separately.

BA have two armor values: their armor, and their actual health. If your health goes to 0, you're dead. Battlearmor can slowly regenerate their armor and health if they go undamaged for a few seconds, though the process takes about ~30 seconds to fully heal and re-armor. Remaining stationary will speed up the process.

 Each side of the tank (front, left, right, rear) is a separate armor component, along with the turret (exterior) and the hull(interior). Destroying any of the one of those components will  give you access to the hull. If you hit the already destroyed exterior , you will do damage to the hull. Once the hull is destroyed, the same happens to the tank. Each side has a different armor value (front is most armored, rear is least armored). Destroying the turret will not destroy the tank's weapons,  but will reduce turret speed and if you continue to fire into the turret you do damage to  the hull component and eventually will destroy the tank.There is damage penalties to hovercrafts/tanks for turret/rear sections, lesser speed. Hovercraft work identically to tanks in armor.

Battlemechs have different armor values for each component: each leg is a component, the torso is divided into 4 components (right, center, left, rear), each arm is a component, the cockpit is a component, and some mechs have external components (I.E. missile launchers).
Torso- The torso contains your mech's fusion reactor. If you loose your center torso, it's dead. Left and Right torsos are less armored than the center, but have smaller hitboxes. If you destroy a L/R torso and continue firing into it, it'll transfer the damage to the center torso with additional damage. Destroying the rear torso will damage the fusion reactor and cause the mech to slow down. IF you continue to fire into the rear torso, it will critically damage the center torso.
Arms- Arms are not critical for mech operation, but most mechs mount the majority of their weaponry in the arms, so you should pay attention to them, destroy enemy arms and protect yours.
Cockpit- This is where you, the pilot, sit. If your cockpit is breached by weapon fire/ejection (and then reentering the mech) you are liable to be killed in your cockpit. A dead pilot means that the enemy can steal your mech and use it against your team, or sell it. So yeah, protect your cockpit at all costs.
Externals- External hardpoints are not needed for mech operation, though they usually mount an extra weapon, like the SRM-6 launcher on a Warhammer.
Legs internals to further balance the legging mechanic
 Internal mechanic itself works as intended:
* One leg below 75 internal = limp.
* Two legs below 75 internal = stationary.
* No leg internals on a leg = fall over.


VTOLs are divided up into Body, Tail, Wings, and Engine. Destroying any of these will cause the VTOL to cease functioning and drop to the ground, but destroying the body is the only way to kill the pilot and destroy the VTOL

Aerospace fighters
ASFs are divided up into Body, Tail, Wings, and Engine. Destroying any of these will cause the ASF to cease function and drop to the ground, but destroying the body is the only way to kill the pilot and destroy the ASF


Some assets mount equipment to make it more effective or adapatable.
Beagle Active Probe (BAP): This will increase the range of your radar by 200 meters, improve detection of hidden enemies, and speed up missile lock.
Bloodhound Active Probe (BHP): This will increase the range of your radar by 500 meters, improve detection of hidden enemies, and speed up missile lock.
C3 computer: This handly little device will share radar with your teammates. Meaning that if you detect an enemy with it and your teammate normally wouldn't, the enemy will show up on your teammates radar - even past his normal radar range. Essential if your team is fielding a Long Tom Tank. C3 range is 1000m and awards a small amount of C-bills at random times.
Laser Anti-missile system (LAMS): This device will attempt to shoot down incoming missiles. However, it can usually only shoot down about 20-50% of enemy missiles, and it can give away your position as it will fire at ALL enemy missiles within its range if you are powered up.
Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (MASC): Basically a nitro booster for your mech. Holding down shift will dramatically increase your speed and acceleration, but it generates huge amounts of heat and increases your turning radius. Exclusive to Mechs - tanks have a built in turbo.
Jump Jets (JJs): This allows your mech to jump into the air, riding on a fusion flame. It allows you to reach odd areas and escape enemy fire, but it has a limited jump duration (about 1 second), recharges slowly, and generates huge amounts of heat. Exclusive to mechs - tanks can't jump.
Guardian Electronic Counter Measures (GECM): This device will hide your mech from enemy radar. Stacks with passive radar; if you're passive and have GECM, you're almost impossible to detect except for Active Probes.
Enhanced Optics: This gives you an extra zoom level.
AECM: AECM gives GECM to friendly units that stay within a 150m radius. HS and DHS- Heat sink and dual, lowers your heat faster.

Target Acquisition Gear (TAG): Not an actual weapon, but it will designate targets for missile bombardment. Hold the TAG beam on a target and any friendly missiles fired without a lock will home in on the TAG laser's target. The target will stay tagged if you deviate off it for a short mount of time. TAG also creates a beacon in the same manner as NARC.

NARC Missile Beacon: Not an actual weapon, but firing it at an enemy will cause them to light up on the radar of your teammates. Guided rockets can be dumbfired, and they will home in on the NARC beacon. NARCs can be disabled through EMP damage (PPCs, nearby critical explosions)

For more detailed description of equipment


Weapon range
Combat Range can be defined in 3 ranges: from close (0 to 300m), middle (300 to 600) and long range (more then 600), this isn't weapon range, but range to target.

Weaponry ingame
Before we start, there's two abreviations you should know
 C = Clan, longer range, more damage and heat.
ER = Extended Range at the cost of more heat.
Example, the Large Beam Laser
Type       Range (m)   Heat   Damage
LBL         700        102,1         555
ERLBL     800       114,7         555
CERLBL   900       176,9         692
Most weapons have both Clan and IS versions.

If you have patience for ammo range, damage, and armor of assets:
Edit:  A link to thEClaw's post with 0.6.0 numbers is here
Remember to say thank you to thEClaw. :)

Edit:  In the interests of making the numbers accessible, and since Somaisum seems to have linked to the raw spreadsheet files rather than a simple clickable web page, I'm putting together some more google docs, minorly edited for clarity, and hopefully easier to use.

0.6.0 weapons: weapons
0.6.0 vehicle summary: vehicle
0.6.0 vehicle armor: armor

Or you can download it also in here,16359.msg318470.html#msg318470

Other tips:
Try to stay in groups, team work is the key.
Try to stay in movement.
If you have a missile boats (many missiles, low armor and low/none close range weapon) don't get to close to the enemy.
LRM minim range is 150 m, less then that and they will fly above your target.
Most missiles need a locking time (2,5 seconds) before firing.
Laser have max range, CERL have range of 900m, at 901m they do 0 damage.
Ballistic, PPC and Missiles can go a little more, but with damage reduction. ERPPC range is 900m and he does little damage at 950m.
 Some weapons have splash damage, others shake the target vision spoiling aim(PPC, Missiles, AC20).
Lost/destroyed arms can't be repaired and weapons on that arms are lost.
PPC and AC20 have hit issues with a ping of more then 180ms.
Turn radar off to ambush a enemy, but be careful you wont fall on a trap.

You can search/read for more at:  (outdated on some things, but good description)

Site to download the game maps

 unzip to

I dont say their names, but thank you, those i "copypasted" from

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