Author Topic: How to fix Text Bug/Rainbow bug for ever!  (Read 2690 times)

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How to fix Text Bug/Rainbow bug for ever!
« on: April 28, 2011, 08:21:02 PM »
I thought I would bump this thread. People are still having this problem and there is no reason for it to happen.
For clarification.

You need to make an autoexec.cfg file using Notepad. Not wordpad but notepad.

Open notepad and add this line.


Once you have that, go to File-save as. Change the file type to All Files. Set the file name to autoexec.cfg
this file should be saved in the CrysisWars Folder.

If you already have an autoexec.cfg, you can just add that line to the end. Apparently, it needs to be the last line to work properly.

The autoexec can also be used to make custom graphics configurations.
I personally use CCC 3.0 for CrysisWars. That is Custom Crysis Config. Not to be confused with the other CCC, AMD's lame driver control package.

A few variables that you could also add to your autoexec that would enhance your gameplay would be.
r_UsePom = 0 Use this variable if you wish to use anisotropic filtering through your card's driver control panel. With it turned on, anisotropic filtering does not function.
hud_showAllObjectives = 1 This will show bullet points for all the bases as objects in 3D space. makes navigation a ton easier if you are not familiar with the maps or just plain get turned around in a fight. Always know which way is home.