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Michael - C++ Programmer
« on: April 29, 2012, 03:45:06 AM »
Name: Michael
Age: 25
Position: C++ Programmer
Past Projects: I've developed two games to completion with 3 and 4 man teams in 4 month long projects.
Ties to Mechwarrior: I've always loved the gritty gameplay. blowing parts off, salvage. Scraping by. MinMaxing. It's like an improved first person shooter where being shot throws your aim and your aim isn't 1:1 with your cursor in the first place.
Other commitments: I am a student and a member of Smoke Jaguar 2nd Guard.

I know:
How to work multiple compilers (gnu, microsoft, borland)
Visual Studio Debugging
Collaboration Software (Trak, SVN)
C (file io, strings, pointer manipulation, dynamic memory)
C++ (STL, classes, templatization)

I've written code for, but I've never done too much with: Java, php (ajax/comet).

I can show examples of my work, but due to copywrite I would prefer not to post them on a public forums.

Additional note: I also have experience and training as a game designer.

I'll check back here, but the best way to communicate with me are: Smoke Jag ventrilo and my msn: m<underscore>metully<at>hotmail
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Re: Michael - C++ Programmer
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 02:14:11 PM »
I will contact you shortly over msn.

Kind Regards
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