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« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2008, 03:36:36 AM »
Although from what I remember in the good ol' days, EM effects didn't involve anything other than a hud scattering effect and mabey a few sensors blanking out for a couple of seconds.

What really was a bitch was heat effects, shutting your mech down to cool down :D

I remember in MW3 when I was feeling particuarly devious, I would turn on the cheats excepts god mode, jump in "Wave Reinforcements" mode, and proceeed to spontaniously-explode an army of Bushwackers with 12 flamers on a Diashi  8)

I always liked how in MW3 when you overheated past a critical point you mech would explode in a very nuclear-ish fasion.

I use to love getting in a supernova and firing all my large lasers at once and exploding.

What's particularly fun is slapping about 20 SRM6's on a mech with infinite ammo+no heat enabled, and just blasting them at other mechs... not only would it always produce a crater but all mechs within like... 50 meters of the blast would trip and fall down :P

Back in the MW3 days.. when I played STOCK alot.

I was in charge of training my squad.

When it came the Madcat_Pri config.. the main thing I stressed was the use of LRM's.

In a up close battle LRM's were not really good.

Unless of course you knew how to shoot them very well.

The main thing I taught with them, while up close, was how to knock someone down.

I seem to remember alot of people getting mad when I did this... but oh well.  :)

I always shot them atleast once before they got up.  If you don't like it.. Don't get close to me :)