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Forum moderator
« on: March 08, 2012, 03:59:12 AM »
Name: Daniel
Age: 26
Position: Forum moderator
Past Positions:
- 4 months voluntary work as a game master for the european version of the Ragnarok Online mmorpg (2005)
- moderated 4 different clan boards, ranging from 2 dozen active users to about 100. (longest of those was almost 2 years, the others all about 6 months each)
Ties to Mechwarrior: Started playing CBT with simplified intro rules with about 7 years due to both my parents being TT players and I've since then worked my way up trough all the tech levels and most of the rule sets. Also played MW2:Mercs, MW3, MW4 and both MechCommanders.
Other commitments: I don't have any other commitments aside from my RL employment as a worker in a chemical plant.
Samples: None possible. euRO closed business in late 2010 and the clan boards are either closed or repurposed.

In my moderating days I've mostly dealt with spam, bots and the occasional inappropriate language, but during my time as a GM I've also had the pleasure to deal with the unpleasant parts of a community.
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