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Community Manager Application
« on: March 06, 2012, 02:05:52 PM »
Name: Ben
Age: 34
Battletech/Mechwarrior experience: 1988 to present - the first boxed set and Crescent Hawk's Inception, Mechwarrior 1 on my Tandy 1000, the various MUXes, Mechassault, you name it, up to the more modern stuff.

What I want to help with:

This community is great but we do have a few issues to get a handle on. My home base is, where I have something approaching 10k posts. They have a different culture that makes those forums special, it's a culture of civility and helping. The sniping and backbiting frequently seen here and on other forums (WoT forums are particularly horrible) are conspicuously absent from OCForums. Browse around a bit and you'll see the difference. I'd like to bring a taste of that to the MWLL community. No more personal attacks or dev abuse, veiled or not.

We're almost there, it'll just take a bit of guidance and maybe one or two broken kneecaps.

Why I'm qualified:

I know what flies, being a graduate of the school of hard forum knocks, and have been using forums (both BBSes and internet) since 1989. I've gotten in trouble for saying dumb crap more times than I can remember, and I've come to know where the line is. I do not hold grudges for long, and will easily be able to seperate my personal feelings on a member from their posting. Folks I just can't stand (there's only about two in the community) I will abstain from moderating. I will not play favorites, period.

I have personal contacts with just about every clan and team in the mod, and have experience running large community events. I'd like to extend this experience to running contests and tournaments for the community in an official capacity. Maybe even see about getting some sponsored prizes going, that sort of thing. I believe interest has waned simply due to a lack of organized competition. KoS's tourney is going to be great for the mod, and if we keep the momentum going with more events and chances for unit combat, we can get the playerbase up in no time.

That's about it. Thanks for considering me.