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Moderator Position
« on: March 05, 2012, 06:06:09 AM »
Name: Aresye
Age: 24
Position: Moderator
Past Projects:
- Administrator for Bi-Polar Designs Website (Moderator: 2003-2004, Administrator: 2004-2006)
- Moderator for several Clan websites between 2002-2008.
- Co-Founder for Photomanipulation-dA, a large 1000+ member art group (Contributor: 2010-2011, Co-Founder: 2011-Present)
Ties to MechWarrior: Been playing since 1996.
Other Commitments: Active Duty Military (Involves training detachments every few months that may/may not have internet access)

Aside from the many past moderator and administrative positions held on various websites throughout the past few years, I have also had many real-life leadership opportunities, including:
- Boat Crew Leader for BUD/S (Personnel Supervised: 6)
- Starboard Delta/Temporary Holding Leader (Personnel Supervised: 20)
- Fleet Replacement Aircrew Training Class Leader (Personnel Supervised: 6)

Current Position:
- NATOPS Instructor (Personnel Supervised: 20 Officers, 35 Enlisted)

In addition to being regularly active on the forums, I've had extensive experience being both a moderator and administrator of similar forums for quite some time, and also have extensive real life leadership experience.  I can certainly help you manage the forums, and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to do that.