Author Topic: Autoupdater.exe is stuck trying to download MWLL Tools 12.1128.248  (Read 1534 times)

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I am getting an error with the auto updater.  When i run the launcher the Auto updater runs and says that "MWLL tools 12.1128.248 Build" is available at the top of the updater window.  I already have this version installed, however the auto updater wont recognize this, and keeps trying to install the tools over and over. I had to turn off the option  to check for updates in the Launcher program.  This means it hasn't recognized that 0.5.4 is available, and I cant download it. :(

Any help to fix the Auto updater would be awesome  !!!!

Is there a separate torrent i can use with utorrent to download 0.5.4 

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