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Re: VA monitors for games?
« Reply #60 on: March 15, 2014, 09:23:28 PM »
Greetings all,

Look for a monitor that has a .002 pixel pitch and 2ms refresh for best gaming.

I run 3 ASUS VS247 H-P in surround, crisp, excellent colour, were not that expensive and are great for fast screen movement. Yes, LED. But you'll need the video card or cards to drive these.

Once hooked up and running, Nvidia set up, these monitors are unbelievable. I'll never go back to any slower monitors. They are 21" so not anything in the super size, but the larger you go the slower they get.
-  There is the new flexible display that should be on the normal market very soon, and the OLED is getting really good in display quality.
- Read the spec sheet on anything you are checking, and check the reviews.
- Small pixel pitch, very low refresh rate is where you want to be looking.

Before you make any decisions on a monitor, know what your primary use for it will be, if it's for high end computer gaming stay in the 21 to 25 inch size as that will have the greatest resolution and refresh rate. If your main use will be movies, Tv, and some gaming then having a very small pixel pitch won't be as important. [smaller the pixel pitch the crisper, clearer the image can be displayed.]

Players using giant 42inch or larger TV's and then complaining they can't read small text, what did they expect. Probably not even capable of displaying any lower than .29 pixel with a refresh of 12 to 16.

- buy a brand name for the quality and guaranty and do your research, you'll be looking at it for 3 or more years.