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MWBU last call!
« on: August 12, 2011, 11:09:41 PM »
Greetings Community Warriors:

MechWarrior: Battle Universe (MWBU) is in the finalization phase of our feature set planning. While this feature set does not prevent us from making progress in building a fantastic planetary resource league experience we feel it is imperative to have a plan and stick to it. To this point we have an immersive and in-depth feature set, but before we lock things down we want your input!

Many of the best ideas that have been incorporated in our plan have come from the community and we want to continue this standard. At this time we are once again asking the community for input on what is wanted in a planetary league. We are ready to get our final feature list set in stone, but want one more quick run at including community wishes in our overall plan.

If you feel you have an interesting system or idea that you would like included in this planetary league please post and let us hear from you. We can't promise everything presented will be included, but we can promise to review your requests and do our best to ensure everyone finds a home in MWBU for years to come.

We look forward to receiving your ideas and providing you with a rich and amazing planetary league!!!

The MWBU Team