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Ladder General Rules
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:51:37 AM »
Date: 7/27/2011                             

Our individual ladder rules are updated on the MWBU forum. Please make sure to keep up to date.

General MWBU Rules:

-Naming and Callsigns:
All MWBU are required to have a callsign (name). This is how you are identified in all aspects of this league. Callsigns are unique, meaning the League software will not allow more than 1 call-sign of the same name (covered under ?Smurfing?). The callsign you use should reflect the name you use while in an online gaming environment (in-game or on GameSpy) to avoid potential problems. Your in-game callsign (name) MUST match to your registered MWBU unit roster name.

-Valid E-Mail Address:
It is up to each player to maintain a valid email address. This will be the primary way for the administration to contact you. Failure to respond to email correspondence from MWBU can result in forfeiture of matches, removal from ladders, or removal from the league.

-Game Build:
All players are required to have the most recent beta build of Mechwarrior: Living Legends. It can be obtained at In the event of a new official release, a reschedule can be called by either party.

-Screenshots and Scores:
It is each players responsibility to take screenshots at the beginning and end of each round. Without screenshots, regardless of the match outcome, the match may be nullified by MWBU admins. If screenshots are requested by MWBU admins, all screenshots must be turned in within 36 hours. Failure to meet this demand will result in a 1 (one) week suspension of the entire team. The second offense will result in a 1 (one) month suspension. After the third offense, the offending team will be removed for the remainder of the season. It is suggested that captains get used to collecting them from each player even if they are never requested.

-Team Requirements:
Each team is required to have the minimum amount of players required to join that ladder. Teams will be deleted if they are found unable to play in a ladder they signed up for. There is no limit on the number of officers or players. However, remember, the less players with authority to modify your unit page the better.

To join a team, a player must be invited to join a unit. The player will receive an email confirming their membership to the unit.

-Scheduling the Match:
Once the attack is committed, the Defender has up to 48 hours to respond to the challenge. The Defender will propose three different dates and three different times. The attacking team will also have 48 hours to lock in a date/time. Failure to complete either step of this process within the allotted time may result in a forfeit loss. Teams may agree to reschedule the match at any time as long as both teams post this agreement in match comms. Abusing this rule to "place hold" will result in disciplinary actions from the MWBU administration.

If the Defending team does not accept the match within 48 hours they lose by forfeit.
If the Attacking team does not accept a date within 48 hours they lose by forfeit.

In order for a player to be considered 'eligible' for a match, he/she must be on his/her team's roster before the defender accepts the challenge and remain on the team until the match is completed. Exceptions may be agreed upon in match comms or in the server at match time.

It is the Captain's responsibility to check their opponents roster while accepting a challenge and before the match begins. Should the Captain ignore this and begin the match, then he/she is authorizing any otherwise illegal players currently in the server to play.

Due to the nature of the online gaming, it is possible for players to be disconnected or dropped from a server. Should this happen, you may substitute an eligible player to fill the spot or allow the dropped player to rejoin. Once connected, the player must join their respective team immediately.

Due to the sizes of some teams, it is acceptable to rotate players at the beginning of new round. The team's captain who is making the substitution should notify the other team via global communications. At that time, the other team may ask for time to check if that player is in fact eligible. Once a player is approved by the opposing team they may continue to play.

*Substitutions are not allowed in 1v1 scenarios.

The only spectators that will be allowed to watch a match are those authorized by MWBU. Mechwarrior Battle Universe reserves the right to observe any MWBU match without notification or approval. The Admin's identity can be verified via TeamSpeak 3 at Any other spectator or shoutcaster must be agreed to by both parties.

A spectator is not allowed to share a voice channel with either team, pass information to a team, or do anything that would otherwise effect the outcome of a match. Doing so will result in the person spectating to be unauthorized to spectate matches.

-Reporting a loss:
It is the Captain's responsibility to accurately report the match results in a timely manner. The losing team captain MUST report the match results NO LATER THAN 1 HOUR after the completion of the match. Teams who fail to report match results accurately and in a timely manner will be punished in the following manner:

1st Offense: Warning issued by MWBU Admin.
2nd Offense: 2-week suspension.
3rd Offense: Team/Player is dropped to last rung of ladder.

NOTE: It is the winning team's responsibility to ensure that the match score is accurately reported and submitted in a timely manner. If the opposing team fails to report the match score, it is then the winning Team's responsibility to file a dispute indicating that the losing team failed to report a loss. They must also be prepared to prove their case.

-Match Comms:
ALL official match communications MUST go through the Mechwarrior Battle Universe challenge system.

Abuse of the Match Challenge system is grounds for a competition suspension.

NOTE: MWBU Admins use the Match Challenge system when verifying match inquiries. If teams have not communicated in the Match Challenge system, any disputes may be ruled randomly to make a point.
Communications made outside match comms, or outside the match itself, will not be considered when ruling on disputes. VERBAL ABUSE WILL BE PUNISHED

-Game Server:
All members should be able to connect to the server. Server disputes must be handled before match completion. The IP and password of the server must be provided to each squad captain before the match. It is recommended that all teams have an alternate valid server available if needed. Disputing a server after a match has been played will result in the dispute being thrown out.

If both teams find the official server unacceptable, the defending team then has first choice of an alternate. If the attacking team wishes they may force the second round to an alternate server.

-Cheating and Exploits:
Any function not intended in the original game is considered a cheat or exploit and will be defined by MWBU admin. Any instance of cheating/exploiting/glitching should be documented but should not end a round. At the end of that round an admin may be requested to mediate. If you call an admin in, be prepared to hand in all screenshots and evidence immediately. If you start the next round before an admin arrives then you accept the result of the previous round. If an admin does not arrive within 30 minutes the round/match will be rescheduled.

All disputes will be handled by the ladder admin(s). Each and every dispute inevitably involves different aspects and will be dealt with individually. Disputes must be reported to your ladder admin within 1 hour of match end. This is done by clicking on "Dispute Match Results", found in your team admin panel. Disputes must be for a valid and specific reason. Teams must provide evidence and statements in a timely manner along with the standard screenshots.

If you believe your opponent was cheating during your match, you must do the following to file a valid cheating dispute:

1. Take a reasonable amount of time to discuss the issue with your own teammates. Take time to cool off and rationally talk about the issue.

2 You need to have reasonable evidence to file charges. A text file with information regarding times and players involved is a vital piece of information for use in your dispute.

3. If you feel you have reasonable grounds, initiate a dispute. List your concerns over specific instances during your match and include these in your dispute.

Example: At x:xx minutes in the X round, player XXXXX did this. At x:xx in the X round, same player XXXXX did this. etc etc.

4. Notify your opponent in private as soon as you dispute so they can get their evidence ready for review. This notification should simply say "disputing". Keep in mind that a disputed team becomes defensive. If your team has a dispute filed against you, cooperation is your best ally in a dispute. DO NOT use the forums to flame the other team for disputing against you.

Unsportsmanlike conduct in forums or public discussions will result in penalties.

Counter-Disputes - Please do not submit a counter-dispute against a team that has disputed against you. MWBU investigations will be handled aggressively.

Once requested, teams have 24 hours to produce the materials (demos, server logs, screenshots, etc) that the admins ask for. The Admin will have the final say in judging the disputes.

If a team disagrees with the result of a dispute then they may put together an appeal and send it to the admin team. All appeals will be looked at and responded to. You have only one appeal. Further expression of butt hurt to admins or anyone else will result in sanctions at MWBU discretion.

-Making a Habit of Disputing:
Our concern is to have a fun and clean place to play. Although the dispute process is necessary in helping keep a clean match, teams who make it a habit to dispute often with frivolous reasons will subject themselves to possible suspension, rungs lost and finally permaban.
MWBU has zero tolerance for cheating and cheating accusations without an effort to submit any evidence. If you are proven to have cheated you will be removed from MWBU for life.

-Smurfing / Internet Connection Sharing :
Team Hopping or smurfing is not allowed. Smurfing is defined as playing under a false or alter identity. Players can leave a team and join a new one but switching between numerous teams on a frequent basis is not allowed. Doing so will result in a competition suspension. If you are creating new accounts or using another player's account to play for multiple teams on the same ladder/league you will be subject to the following:

1st Offense: Player is suspended for one month.
2nd Offense: Player is suspended for three months.
3rd Offense: Player is suspended for six months.

Players who use the same Internet connection via a home network, shared service provider, or Internet connection sharing AND have more than one player using that connection or computer for MWBU play, must first contact a MWBU Ref/Admin for permission to create an account or play in MWBU.

Players must provide their name, MWBU Unit, relationship (friend, brother, etc.) of any player who has an existing account with MWBU and is using the same Internet connection or sharing computers. Failing to do this will result in the newest account being deleted and the existing player being subject to the same punishment as a smurfing account.

-Failure to appear:
For each ladder there is a minimum number of players needed to proceed with a match. Teams should have the minimum number of players on the appropriate server no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled match time. Failure to meet this requirement will result in an immediate forfeit against the non-compliant party. Both teams should be ready to play no later than 30 minutes from the scheduled match time (Unless agreed upon by both parties). Failure to agree to start the match at this time will result in forfeiture by the non-compliant party. A MWBU ref/admin should be contacted immediately on Teamspeak: for a ruling to be made. If an admin isn't available then the match should be postponed, and a dispute must be filed.

-Challenge Cancellation:
In the MWBU there is no availability for the team Captains or Founders to cancel a challenge. All Cancellations must be coordinated through a Ladder Admin. Cancellations are not always guaranteed.                                                         
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Re: Ladder General Rules
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There are revisions to be done here. This is all subject to change. If you don't like them please feel free to help improve them.