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Re: [SPOILERS] So I've been reading through the literature...
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...and I'm just getting to the part where Victor Davion authorizes Project Gemini so that Thomas Marik's son Joshua is allowed to die and a body-double replaces him (Bred for War - Michael Stackpole).

What a dick move.

I know it was for the good of the FedCom blah blah, but seriously, what a fappbag Victor is.  Have some god damned honor and let the man know he no longer has an heir.  I used to be a fan of House Davion, especially under The Fox, but the children of Melissa and Hanse are nothing but douches so far, every one of them.

One thing to remember: Hans Davion got the wheels on that program rolling long before then.  As ever in Battletech, the characters are not laid out in black and white (well, except for Kathy...she is like the Battletech version of The Bad Seed).  So, seeing as the characters are like onions, and have to be peeled apart layer by layer, remember that his father only died a couple years prior...and he had a very high amount of respect/love for old man Davion.  So, there is that as well.  Then you add in the stuff that the Mariks, including Thomas, have pulled in the past, and Victor's general desire to see the infighting in the IS calm down.

Not to excuse it; it was definitely not the coolest thing he ever did...but if they didn't put in things like that, or his raging when he was younger, he would have been too much of a Jesus character, like Devlin Stone.

Just my $0.20, of course, adjusted for inflation.

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Re: [SPOILERS] So I've been reading through the literature...
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As many of you have heard me say it before, I'll say it again:

Melissa Steiner should have swallowed.