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Re: Old MechWarrior 3 Trailer
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2011, 12:07:05 PM »

Welcome to mechwarrior 3.

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Re: Old MechWarrior 3 Trailer
« Reply #16 on: July 15, 2011, 01:28:14 PM »
Mechwarrior 2 is not exactly canon either due to it's plot outcomes

In MW2's main menu, before you start playing, you can read loooooong histories, straight from Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf sourcebooks. The scenario briefings and debriefings in the campaigns use passages straight out of The Falcon and the Wolf scenario book, IIRC there might have been passages from Bred for War and I Am Jade Falcon as well. Uncanonical much? Yes, you are not usually fighting in those battles directly, but are on the sidelines instead, so you could well have been the "third guy from the left" in the big picture - ristars got the honour while you did the real work. Apocryphal, but not in conflict with canon.

The two campaigns are built so that whichever side you choose "wins", but both endings are canonical, it's just the same story from different perspectives. The Jade Falcons did win the Refusal War, quiaff? Because that's their ending. But even then you are told that the Warden Wolves did manage to escape to Inner Sphere where they were granted a fiefdom in exchange of their services. Because that's their ending. Because the campaign is completely linear, you don't get to win the Jade Falcons as a Wolf no matter what you do, nor can you choose to be a Crusader instead of a Warden (soon-to-be Wolf-in-Exile). And as a Falcon you cannot prevent the Warden Wolves from escaping.

Of course, the voice-over in the Jade Falcon ending cutscene implies that they would break the Truce of Tukayyid, which is exactly what they want to do in the books as well (having "proved" Ulric's treachery through the Trial), but they are too weak to do that even though they were victorious (which had been Ulric's plan all along). Yes, the voice-over of the Wolf campaign states that they are the last of the Wardens, but this is before the Great Refusal, before the Ghost Bears become Warden and merge with Rasalhague, before the Nova Cats defect, before the Diamond Sharks become Warden and relocate to the Inner Sphere, and before the Snow Ravens join the Outworlds Alliance.

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Re: Old MechWarrior 3 Trailer
« Reply #17 on: July 20, 2011, 01:48:34 AM »
this is ture. Though it will also be interesting to see how well MW 3015 will follow Canon. from the Videos (what little could be seen any ways.) follows cannon to the letter. Also I've read allot of these topics before. and what most people use for reference is Though i don't remember much from MW 3 (was like 7 when i played it) MW 4 seemed a little far fetched. the story line was fine it's just lots of the Missions didn't really seem like they were all that Canon. I mean in MW4 Mercs the player Specter Kills off all of the Burr's Black Cobra's , yet Mercenaries Supplemental update says they are still alive in 3071. which is Kinda of weird sense you killed them all in 3067...

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Re: Old MechWarrior 3 Trailer
« Reply #18 on: August 04, 2011, 06:00:29 PM »
Lol he did not kill them all it was just a company of them, they are a brigade of low quality easily hired thugs...that is pretty much all they are good for. MW4 is so so on its basis for canon but MW4 merc is completely canon in what happens in the missions. Getting that Jade Falcon Star Captain, Aisa Thastus, completely true...though she thankfully outlives her bonding officer *insert evil grin here* Specter was a bitch...that is all 8)

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