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« on: June 11, 2011, 06:33:48 AM »
Name: ADUBZ (Real Name: Ash)
Age: 19
Location: Queensland, Australia
Position: Animator
Past Projects: Modeler for the Crysis mod "Trails Of Deception" - &
Ties to Mechwarrior: I started out with tabletop BattleTech after moving from Warhammer, have read a few books here and there. What I love about MechWarrior is that it's totally different from anything out there, it's unique and awesome. I have watched your mod from day 1 at Crymod, totally amazing work you guys have done :)
Other commitments: I do a bit of programming for the racing simulator "rFactor"
Samples: I have spoken with Sturmadler & Aurailius about this, If you have any questions then ask them.