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Old-school Battletech/MechWarrior player
« on: May 26, 2011, 04:36:43 PM »
Hey all

I recently (in the last month or so) purchased Crysis Wars so I could get in on some MWLL action. Boy am I glad I did :) Now that I'm pretty well adjusted to the mechanics of the game, I'm looking to get with a group of people on a regular basis and work toward competing in battle with other like-minded groups. I'm US-based in the Eastern time zone.

What you get if I'm on you team
- I enjoy working as part of a team, and I don't feel the need to have the spotlight.
- I excel at strategic roles, intelligence gathering/scouting, and fire support.
- I'm fine at standard combat roles as well, and know how to pick the right loadout for the right job.
- I am great in a VTOL, but I will crash if you put me in an aerospace.
- I naturally gravitate toward leading/coaching people, but I am ultimately happy to do whatever is necessary to meet the objective at hand.
- I am competitive, and I like to win. If I lose, I am happy to congratulate the winner (and begin figuring out how to do better next time).
- I know Kung Fu.

Some BT/Gaming background
- Played tabletop CBT in the early-mid 1990s
- Played the heck out of Crescent Hawk's Inception, Revenge, and Mechwarrior during the same period of time.
- Played a bunch of multiplayer Mechwarrior 2/GBL/Mercs with friends
- Co-led one of the most successful MPBT Solaris units (-=NM=-) as part of House Liao. Also ended up with a 64-10 dueling record.
- Played during the few short months of the MPBT 3025 beta
- Played MW3 after it was cool (my least favorite mech game)
- Played MW4 and Mercs online with a couple semi-decent units in leagues.
- In-between all this I've played just about every FPS or strategy game I could get my hands on.
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