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C++ programmer
« on: January 17, 2011, 02:57:08 PM »
Name: Apriori (I won't reveal the real name in public)
Age: 24
Timezone: Germany GMT+1
Position: C++ programming, general bug-hunting, perhaps scripting (needs to be learned, though)
  • 8 years of experience in C++ programming
  • experience in many other languages, among python, java, bash scripting etc.
  • very strong background in cross-platform development
  • studying Applied Computer Science in Germany, with a focus on graphical systems,
    distributed systems and physics
  • good background in mathmatics (integrals, linear algebra, analysis etc.),
    physics (e.g. MD-simulation), networking
  • general good analytic skills (yes, I really like bug-hunting :) )
  • now the third year as software engineer in an applied research institute in germany
    (focused on logistics)
  • participated in several smaller and bigger projects. I'm not allowed to talk about the
    details in public though. I'd just like want to mention that one project I'm currently
    working on is a distributed calculation system with scripting support and another project
    I've worked on and is currently delayed is a 3D loadspace editor using OpenGL.
  • experience in several version control systems: CVS, SVN, git, mercurial

MW Ties: Well, I played MW3 of the series and liked it. Back in the early days
this mod got my attention and I really had doubts that there will even ever be
a public release - but you achieved it. I'd be honored to participate in such a project.

Other commitments: Still working about 15h/week for the mentioned applied research
institute and continuing my studies. In about two months I expect to have more time though.

Samples: As already stated, I'm not quite allowed to present samples of prior work, because
of the research nature of the projects. And, well, its not even easy to make screenshots
of a program that's doing its main work in background. I can provide one screenshot though,
only of the actual rendered part of the editor. Notice though, that this is not the best
possible screenshot, because most features of the underlying engine (written from scratch)
were deactivated in this version (e.g. actual texture support, normal mapping, per pixel lightning):

I'm looking forward to your response.