Author Topic: *DUPLICATE* "No disk in the drive" non fatal client errors  (Read 1120 times)

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*DUPLICATE* "No disk in the drive" non fatal client errors
« on: January 04, 2011, 06:20:43 PM »
Crysis Wars, MWLL 0.4.3, 64-bit, DX9

When loading Kagoshima or Death Valley, I often get these errors pop up in the background of my Crysis WARS window. Something like this:

CrysisWars.exe No Disk
There is no disk in the drive
please insert a disk into the drive

Options are "cancel" "Try again" "something else"

Note that the path mentions hard drive, not CD! In case it is useful, I dont have a CD in the drive, don't need one for Wars usually.

I have to ctrl+alt+del to bring up another window so I can see this dialog, if I select "cancel" or "try again" multiple times (4-10 approx) loading continues and everything is fine.

I used to have this issue all the time, I think with 0.2.0, but I think it was fixed for me in 0.3.0. Now it is back for 0.4.3. Not sure if it was present in 0.4.x<3

This has also been mentioned recently by ~SJ~Griffin here, I just thought it needed a new topic as the previous one is over a year old:,6700.0.html
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Re: *DUPLICATE* "No disk in the drive" non fatal client errors
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 06:59:32 PM »

Please respond to the previously submitted report.

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