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The following should be considered work in progress, but I wanted you guys to have it sooner rather than later:
MechWarrior: Living Legends Terrain Control Server Administrators Guide

Purpose This guide is intended to clarify some of the new features and concepts of the MechWarrior: Living Legends game mode Terrain Control.  This document contains content that references the state of the game as of release 0.4.2

Terrain Control Overview
The Terrain Control game mode is a team-based objective capture-and-hold scenario that centers around the decrementing of Team Tickets from the opposing team.  There are two methods to deduct Tickets from a team:
* Controlling a greater number of capture points than the opposing team.
* Destroying enemy vehicles and player kills.Server Side Control Variables (CVARS)

Round Time
The time allotted for each session can be controlled using the following cvar:

* g_timelimit nWhere n is a positive integer value that represents the number of minutes for the session.

Team Tickets Setting
Each team will start out with the same number of Team Tickets.  The starting number may be set by the server administrator using the following cvar:

* sv_team_tickets nWhere n is a positive integer value.  The value of this setting will be dependent upon the selected match time duration, number of players and ticket decrement rate.

Assuming a 45 minute round time with 0.1 decrement rate:
Up to 10 players: 500
10 – 16 players: 750
16+ players: 1000

Capture bases present on the map have an author set weight that denotes their relative strategic value.  Once one team holds more capture points than the opposing team Team Tickets will being to be decremented from the team that holds fewer capture points.

Ticket Decrement Rate
The rate of ticket debit is set using the following cvar:

* sv_ticket_decrement_rate  nWhere n is a positive decimal value.
During the development testing period values between 0.3 – 0.5 where found to yield a reasonable ticket decrement rate.

The greater the disparity in number of held capture points, the faster the ticket decrement rate will go.

If sv_ticket_decrement_rate is set to 0 or is not present then base captures will not have any affect on Team Tickets.

Capturing Rate
The amount of time it takes to capture a strategic point can be controlled using the following cvar:

* sv_capturing_rate nWhere n is a positive decimal value.  Increasing the value of this number will result in faster capturing rates, lowering it will make captures take longer.  If sv_capturing_rate is set to 0 or is omitted bases cannot be captured.

Note that if there are multiple players standing on a capture point their capture rate is additive (2 players can capture a point faster than 1 lone player).

Null Ticket Wait Time
If one team is able to completely deprive the opposing team of their Team Tickets then a challenge interval is invoked if it has been configured by the server administrator via the following cvar:

* sv_null_ticket_wait_time nWhere n is an integer value in seconds.

Setting this interval allows for the team that has run out of Team Tickets to potentially deprive their opponent of their remaining Team Tickets resulting in a draw if such a state can be achieved within the time allotted.  Once a team is out of Team Tickets, any players in the respawn queue will be unable to respawn.

For example, if sv_null_ticket_wait_time is set to 120, then a 2 minute timer will be displayed for both teams once one team (A) has deprived the other team (B) of Team Tickets.  If team (B) is able to decrement all of the team (A) tickets within the 2 minute interval, the match will be declared a draw.

If sv_null_ticket_wait_time is set to 0 or is not included, the match will immediately end when one team deprives the other of Team Tickets.

Ticket Notifications
Audible notifications are made when the ticket value of a team is below 10% of their starting Team Ticket total.  Another warning will be played when the Team Ticket value is 0.

Here some example files. levelrotation.xml and server.cfg - please adjust them to suit your needs.

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