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Howto use the debug dlls
« on: December 29, 2010, 02:55:11 PM »
With this release we shipped debugging dlls. In case of frequent crashes you can help us fixing those by using the debugging dlls.

Using the Launcher (recommended)
The MWLL Launcher is also capable of switching back and forth between the debug and release MWLL binaries as of MWLL Tools version 0.10.701.185. The button is on the right side of the Launcher's main window, labeled 'Enable Debug mode' or 'Disable debug mode', depending on whether or not you have the MWLL debug binaries active.

Install the dlls manually
  • Locate the correct mwll_debug.dll
    • 32 bit Wars  Mods/mwll/bin32
    • 64 bit Wars  Mods/mwll/bin64
  • Delete/Rename mwll.dll inside Mods/mwll/bin32 or Mods/mwll/bin64
  • Rename mwll_debug.dll to mwll.dll
  • Play the game as usual until you crash
  • Crash Reporter will pop up
  • Fill out the fields and hit Send

To produce better debugging results for us, you can also add -crashonexit to your MWLL Shortcut. This might result in a few "wrong" reports, but in the case of a correct report, it gives us better information on the crash.

Watchout server administrators
The mwll_debug.dll and mwll_release.dll have to remain unchanged within the bin32 and bin64 directory, otherwise the cheatprotection will fail.

If you have any problems using the debugging dlls through the launcher please post here.

Kind Regards
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