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Re: Large Lasers Poll
« Reply #105 on: July 29, 2010, 09:51:41 PM »
Ok, lets play this scenario out. Map: Overgrown. You are a Laser jock... you are running the 5 CERLLAS Novacat. Your coolant pod has been removed. Now you cannot Alpha strike any more with out impunity. Every shot must be gauged and accurate so you are not creating additional heat unnecessarily. You engage a mech, lets say its a Bushwacker A. You begin to single fire your lasers at him. You can't make a quick punch through his armor at the 900m mark, so you begin to whittle away at his torso, he enters into effective counter attack range at 500m. That is 400m that you can fire on him with out retaliation. Lets say you take his Left torso to 50% and Center to 50% in that time. He has now engaged you at 500 meters and you have to begin evasive maneuvers. Your accuracy now goes down as you are on the move. He starts to lay into your mech and you land 75% of your next 8 shots. That means 6 of your shots hit. At this time, The Bushie decides "I am pretty beat up, I am gonna R2B for RnR. He turns around, and walks off. You can't effectively Alpha, you can't stop him, you can't do anything to impede his leaving but needle at him now with a neutered mech.

With a high rate of heat dissipation you can fire repeatedly and peel that back armor apart in seconds. Many other weapons have a 75% hit rate and not even to the exact same location each time. The only difference for the Novacat is that it might take 5 seconds to do so instead of 1, and you can destroy a stationary mech very quickly, but when he turns you shouldn't be able to alpha if you have already been firing prior to that point. Only laser boats currently have the option to do instant cripple damage, everyone else has to spray and pray.

The Novacat should not be able to alpha safely even from cold because it doesn't have enough heat sinks to do so. It should have to approximate chain fire and multiple coolant flushes just let it ignore the heat which is detrimental to game play.

If the lasers aren't paced, then they are overpowered and should have their damage reduced to reflect their accuracy. I'd rather they stayed high damage but were more effective when the target is stationary or slow and have fast recycling so you can keep firing for a longer period instead of getting really hot and taking forever to cool down. You even do more damage overall that way!