Author Topic: Attention: Testers and Battletech and other consultants  (Read 6351 times)

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Attention: Testers and Battletech and other consultants
« on: April 27, 2008, 06:02:50 PM »
Thank you for your interest in this project and considering to join the team.
However, at this time, we are not accepting applications for either of these positions:
  • Testers, in particular but not limited to beta testers
  • Consultants, in particular but not limited to Battletech consultants


Beta testing

Beta testing will not take place in the near future. Once beta testing is due, it will be announced here on the forums and positions for beta testers will be given to forum regulars before external applicants. To increase your chances of participating in the beta test, we strongly recommend to stay around and contribute to discussions.
This is not an invitation to spam! While activity will be rewarded, it is also the value of contributions that will be rewarded.

Will there be an open beta test then? If so, how will it work?

At this time, it is unclear to which extent and on which base an open beta test will take place. Again, details will be made available via the forum, website, newsletter and partner sites.


Battletech Consulting

We appreciate constructive criticism and reasonable comments to every currently published aspect or plan of our project. However, we have always stressed that while we want to bring back the spirit of the Battletech universe, our main focus is on gameplay, not unapologetic TRO compliance. Yes, this means we might neglect TROs for the sake of balancing or gameplay.
At this time, the basic Battletech parameters and backgrounds are created and we will not be spending much time finetuning details before the beta tests. Therefore, as much as we appreciate your concerns and input, we do not have full-time need for years of Battletech experience right now. If you want to share your knowledge or excerpts of your extensive Battletech library, please do so in the current discussions on our forums.
It is uncertain if the position of a Battletech Consultant will ever be actually vacant, but if so, be assured that we will rather assign it to someone who has proven his or her competence by contributing as described above than someone completely unrelated.


That's all too much hassle for me. Let me in NOW.

We're actively looking for a wide variety of skills and talents. HERE on our website, you can find the positions we're basically always looking for qualified reinforcements to the team. Also, make sure you've read our GENERAL APPLICATION GUIDELINES.
That is the only way to join the team right now.